Astrogators' Guide to the Diaspora Sector

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Astrogators' Guide to the Diaspora Sector
MT 0224 Diaspora.jpg
MT Astrogator’s Guide to the Diaspora Sector
Author Charles E. Gannon
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version MegaTraveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback) (Large)
Language English
Pages 22
Year Published 1992
Canonical Yes
Available from RPGNow
ISBN 1-55878-138-2 Stock #0224
Table of Contents

Astrogators' Guide to the Diaspora Sector is a folio of Sector data for use in the Hard Times setting of MegaTraveller.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Welcome to Diaspora" is a phrase you haven't heard for quite some time. "Beware of Diaspora." on the other hand, does ring a bell. This once-proud sector was the crossroads of contact betweeen the Imperial Core and the Solomani Rim, but then it became the battleground for fleets of four governments: Lucan's Imperium, Margaret's Faction, Daibei, and the vengeful Solomani Confederation. Property values went down.

Now, thanks to the Rebellion, the Hard Times are in full swing. Mercenaries, free traders, and other travellers find the sector to be a confusing, dangerous, constantly changing environment. Raider bands prey on shipping, new local governments vie for influence, and long factional arms still reach out to create intrigue. This is no place to be without a guide.

At last, Astrogator’s Guide to the Diaspora Sector presents you with up-to-date information on the worlds and interplanetary conditions of the sector that, perhaps better than any other, exemplifies the old curse: "May you live in interesting times." Good luck.

Astrogator’s Guide to the Diaspora Sector is a MegaTraveller folio intended for use with the Hard Times sourcebook.

Its features include:

  • Color maps of all 16 subsectors and their current political and military situations.
  • 1121 and 1129 UWP data for all 476 worlds of the sector
  • Color insignia and symbols of leading governments and military organizations

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 2
The Maps 3
Narquel Subsector 4
Libert Subsector 4
Sufren Subsector 5
Khavle Subsector 6
Shadigi Subsector 7
Kushga Subsector 8
Alurza Subsector 9
Pasdaruu Subsector 10
Ebasha Subsector 10
Iusea Subsector 11
The Blight Subsector 12
Promise Subsector 13
Hijiri Subsector 13
Shumisdi Subsector 14
Madoc Subsector 15
Khulam Subsector 16

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Charles E. Gannon
Additional Design
Mark Gelinas, Terrance McInnes, Dave Nilsen
Dave Nilsen & Steve Maggi
Cover Art
Mike Jackson & Kirk Wescom

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References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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