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Solomani Member States and independent World-States comprise the membership of the Solomani Confederation.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Some of the current members include:

Solomani Confederation Member States
# Member Sector Remarks
1. Boötean Federation Solomani Rim The Boötean Federation is one of the oldest Solomani governments in the region and has its roots in the earliest Terran exploration efforts. It grew into a strong mercantile association and later into a full-fledged government. Boöteans are far more cosmopolitan and tolerant than Solomani Party ideals might dictate.
  • AKA Boötean League.
2. Grand United States of Quesada Aldebaran The Grand United States of Quesada (GUSQ) is a vibrant democratic republic within the Solomani Confederation known for its liberal ideals and diverse linguistic traditions. It grew out of early Terran exploration efforts and has kept many cultural ideals from its Spanish-speaking founders.
3. Hanuman Systems Langere The Hanuman Systems (HS or HaSy) is a cosmopolitan state within the Solomani Confederation known for its colorful pantheism and widespread religious tolerance. Like many Solomani states, it was settled by early Terrans with many from Occidental and Hindu traditions. The HS is known for its amicable relations with the Hive Federation and the Hanumani hold many ideals at odds with official Solomani Party doctrine.
4. Hegemony of New Albion Dark Nebula The Hegemony of New Albion is small and loose governing organization of former Terran colonists, largely of Anglic descent. Their parliamentary alliance is known for its small size, but great prosperity.
5. Joie De Vivre Malorn The Joie De Vivre is a movement of dissenters, who once originated within Francophone nations on Terra. They rebelled against the Terran Confederation and were able to escape forming a new society beyond the stars.
6. Kostov Confederate Republic Neworld The Kostov Confederate Republic was a splinter group that left Terra long ago. Their language still contains recognizable Slavic elements. Their society is focused on widespread enfranchisement and laissez faire values..
7. New Slavic Solidarity Magyar The New Slavic Solidarity (NSS) is significant 16-system sub-polity and loose governing organization of former Terran colonists, largely of Slavic descent, who are loosely allied with the Solomani Confederation. The NSS is a fledging sub-polity and few of its world have yet had a chance to establish important, prosperous interstellar economies. It is fiercely independent and mostly associates with the Solomani Confederation out of the need for a large, organized military to protect it from Aslan Ihatei incursions.
8. Protectorate of Alba
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Alpha Crucis The Protectorate of Alba has declared its independence from the Solomani Confederation, but the federation has yet to officially recognize this act and aggressive negotiations have been taking place for a number of years. This has driven many Alban worlds to become Client States of the Third Imperium.
9. Protectorate of Cthonia
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Alpha Crucis These days the Protectorate of Cthonia has been reborn as the Orichalc Regional Defense Association and is now an important client state within the Third Imperium. It can muster an impressive interstellar navy even though it primarily has a regional area of operations. The Solomani Confederation still doesn't recognize this change of allegiance.
10. Reformed Dootchen Estates Magyar The Reformed Dootchen Estates was a splinter group that left Terra long ago. They have attempted to keep alive what was once known on Terra as the apartheid system, and ancient Solomani social hierarchy practice that is widely deplored throughout Charted Space.
11. Thetis-Laputa Coalition Solomani Rim A quarreling internal faction with considerable wealth...
12. Third Reformed French Confederate Republic Aldebaran None
13. Turin Consolidation

AKA Consolidation of Turin

Alpha Crucis A religious theocracy with some alluring mysteries...
14. Union of Summax Alpha Crucis Not a full member of the Solomani Confederation
15. Wuan Technology Association Magyar Home of the Wuans, a geneered human species in a mercantile society with a strict social hierarchy. The Wuan Technology Association (WTA) has always been wary of outsiders, except as clients for Wuan trade. In matters of trade, the Wuans appear to have no fears or reservations about dealing with non-human sophonts. with this notable exception, the philosophy and ideals of the WTA are largely in line with Solomani Party ideals.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Many member states were born during the revival of interstellar trade within the Solomani Sphere during the Long Night, and prior to contact with the Third Imperium. [1]

  • Some of these member states joined the Imperium and were dissolved, but many never joined. [2]
  • When the Solomani Autonomous Region was created, some of the dissolved member states were reconstituted. Some member states that had never joined the Imperium voluntarily became associated with the Autonomous Region, and some were incorporated by force. [3]
  • When the Solomani Confederation was formed, member states negotiated for strong rights and were admitted with significant independence. [4]
  • In the wake of the Rim War, Ivan Wolfe significantly reduced the role of the member state as part of his reform of the military. Although the member states persist as shadows of their former selves, they end up with significantly reduced roles of self-governance by 1105 IC. [5]

Historical Confederation Members[edit]

These are the historical member states of the Solomani Confederation.

Member States:

  1. Boötean Federation (Solomani Rim)
  2. Grand United States of Quesada (Aldebaran)
  3. Hanuman Systems (Langere)
  4. Hegemony of New Albion
  5. Joie De Vivre
  6. Kostov Confederate Republic (Neworld)
  7. New Slavic Solidarity (Magyar)
  8. Reformed Dootchen Estates (Magyar)
  9. Thetis-Laputa Coalition
  10. Third Reformed French Confederate Republic (Aldebaran)
  11. Turin Consolidation (Alpha Crucis) AKA Consolidation of Turin
  12. Wuan Technology Association (Magyar)

Past Member States:

  1. Old Earth Union (Solomani Rim) (Past)
  2. Protectorate of Alba (Alpha Crucis)
  3. Protectorate of Cthonia (Alpha Crucis) AKA Orichalc Regional Defense Association
  4. Union of Summax (A prospective member state)
  5. Vegan Polity (Solomani Rim) (Past)

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