Protectorate of Cthonia

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The Protectorate of Cthonia was an important Solomani interstellar state formed during the Long Night in Orichalc Subsector of Alpha Crucis Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Protectorate was founded by the influential world of Cthonia (Alpha Crucis 0515).

  • The origins of the Protectorate began with a ancestor state, the fractious League of Orichalc, which was formed in -1353.
  • An economic depression led to the fragmentation of the League in -127, but the interstellar state reemerged later as the Protectorate of Cthonia in 33.
  • Faced with growing Imperial influence in the region, in 501 the Protectorate participated in unification talks with the Consolidation of Turin and the Old Earth Union, but the talks collapsed over sovereignty issues.
  • The Protectorate was the last Solomani state in Alpha Crucis to resist the advances of the Imperium, but was disbanded and incorporated into the Imperium in 595.
  • The influence of Cthonia continues over the subsector in the form of the Orichalc Regional Defense Association (ORDA), which is sometimes referred to as the new Protectorate of Cthonia.

Political Lineage (1116)[edit]

Ordered List:

  1. Long Night
  2. League of Orichalc
  3. Protectorate of Cthonia
  4. Third Imperium Client State
  5. Orichalc Regional Defense Association

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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