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The Rim Main is an important astrographic feature in the Solomani Rim.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Main is chain of worlds separated by Jump-1 distances that link the entire Imperial-controlled portion of the sector. It is the major trade route through the Solomani Rim and is partially responsible for the region's prosperity and long history of civilization.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

After technology declined in the Long Night to levels that no longer supported significant manufacture of Jump-2 or Jump-3 vessels, the Rim Main still provided a route by which many worlds could trade with one another.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The Rim Main is usually said to begin in Harlequin Subsector where it connects to neighboring Diaspora Sector, providing a route to the Imperial core.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following worlds and systems are located on this astrographic feature:

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Akhamin  •  Alsatia  •  Arkiirkii  •  Arukhur  •  Asterr Tyui  •  Basse Terre  •  Beal  •  Bellerophon  •  Cantania  •  Champa  •  Duriim  •  Dzim Zhia Gwi  •  Edaazun  •  Eneldun  •  Ewmiak  •  Flanders (SR 1517)  •  Fomalhaut (SR 1024)  •  Furioso  •  Gaea  •  Ganesh  •  Gashidda  •  Gwathui   •  Harran  •  Herakles  •  Hoatzin (SR 0617)  •  Hsivyu  •  Hsuishlesh  •  Huy Braseal  •  Iamir  •  Ikuk  •  Ippuraash  •  Janosz  •  Jarslav  •  Keats  •  Khalikkam  •  Khulampu  •  Kidashi  •  Kilennur  •  Kishakhpap  •  Minauros  •  Muan Gwi  •  Muan Issler  •  Muan Kwoyen  •  Murphy (SR 2517)  •  Newcomb  •  Ninmah  •  Nisinasha  •  Oudh  •  Pack  •  Pagliacci  •  Sebasta  •  Shaalgar  •  Shapam  •  Shulgiasu  •  Shurregaa  •  Stralsund  •  Thars  •  Tonopah  •  Tunshaon Tyo  •   Weipu   •  
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