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GSbAG is a major shipbuilder providing a range of services from construction to ship support, maintenance, and upgrades. The company manages starports through the Imperium. Founded in -2438 from a consortium of old Terran manufacturing firms (...although this history is disputed).

  • Geschichtkreis Sternschiffbau AG: GSbAG (popularly known as Gas-bag) has restricted itself almost exclusively to the manufacture of starships.

Description (Portfolio)[edit]

GSbAG is one of the thirteen Imperial Megacorporations in operation in 1116.

Non-canon: The company name translates as Historian's Society (Geschichtskreis) Starship Builders (Sternenschiffbau) Incorporated (AG = Aktiengesellschaft), from the Terran language German.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

GSbAG is one of two firms charged with the manufacture of the personal vessels of the Imperial family and is a major contractor for the Imperial military. Their products command extremely high prices, but it is generally conceded that the quality makes them well worth it.

Governance & Organization[edit]

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Stock ownership (1105):

Hortalez et Cie— 19%
Imperial family— 4%
Noble families (includes the families of the legendary founders) — 44%
Shiishuginsa family - 13%
Zhunastu family - 3%
Other corporations — 13%
Zirunkariish - 6%
Private investors — 4%
Other — 16%

Stock ownership (1126):

Hortalez et Cie— 41%
Noble Families— 44% - Includes:
Shiishuginsa family - 13%
Zhunastu family - 3%
Instellarms— 3% (Controlled by Hortalez et Cie)
Tukera Lines— 3% (Allied to Hortalez et Cie)
SuSAG— 3%
Other: 5%


Notable Investments[edit]

Megacorporation holdings[edit]

Other holdings[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

According to company propaganda, the company was founded in -2438 from a consortium of old Terran manufacturing firms.

  • In actual fact, there is no concrete evidence of the corporations existence prior to a contract with the Sylean Federation Navy in -334.

In 260, GSbAG set its sights on Zhunastu Shipbuilding and its assets, especially its goodwill within the Imperium and its intellectual property. With the assistance of the Vilani megacorporation Zirunkariish, GSbAG bought the subsidiary and folded it into its business. Under GSbAG, Zhunastu Shipbuilding remains a leader in ship design and construction for both military and civilian vessels.

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]

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Great Asset Swap[edit]

GSbAG was a major target of the 1126 Great Asset Swap and was thereafter controlled by appointees of the Hortalez board.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

These systems have a substantial GSbAG presence.

Dagudashaag Sector
Gishmarkash (world): This system is owned and run by GISHMARCo Test & Development, a wholly owned subsidiary of GSbAG, specializing in starship systems testing and development. The abundance of common planetary bodies in the system make for an ideal testing ground for starship systems and complete starships. Two or three projects are generally ongoing at any one time so areas of the system are frequently prohibited from unauthorized vessels, particularly the main world, gas giants, and belts — hence the Amber Zone status.
Deneb Sector
Magash (world): The GSbAG shipyard specializes in small production runs of luxury and custom vessels. The co-located Magash Shipbuilding & Spacedock Company builds limited production runs of more common vessels.
Solomani Rim Sector
Luna: The proper name for Terra's single large satellite, though most locals simply call it "The Moon".
Clavius: Clavius crater is the site of a high-technology industrial park producing electronic and gravitic components, vacuum-process equipment, and thin-film devices. It is currently operated by GSbAG.
Clavius Particle Research Complex is run jointly by the Imperial Navy and Naasirka. Current research is highly classified.

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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