Great Asset Swap

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A share mega-deal engineered by Hortalez et Cie and revealed in 1126


Between 1121 and 1126, Hortalez et Cie manoeuvred to restructure its stock holdings in the Megacorporations.

Starting as a series of trades between Hortalez et Cie, Makhidkarun, Naasirka, Sharurshid and Zirunkariish which saw Hortalez et Cie divest itself of assets in the Domain of Vland this then became a flurry of major private trades behind closed doors.

In the middle period, the various corporations divested themselves of hard-to-reach assets, concentrating in domains that were amenable to their interests.

On 001-1126 the results of all these deals suddenly became clear leaving Hortalez et Cie with a controlling interest in Sternmetal Horizons, Instellarms, GSbAG and Ling Standard Products.

Hortalez et Cie often traded at a loss to gain these positions but it became the controlling force behind one of the largest blocks of key industrial interests in Imperial space.

For the results of the trades see the Stockholding section in each of the Megacorporation's entries.

Tukera Lines was untouched by the Great Asset Swap.


This series of trades, orchestrated initially by Hortalez et Cie, had the effect of concentrating the assets of the various Imperial megacorporations into a reduced set of sectors more aligned with the factions of the Rebellion with which that corporation was entangled. This change of shareholdings had a number of secondary effects, but included the takeover of control of the IRIS by Hortalez, which in turn promulgated a decision popularly denying Lucan legal right to the throne and allowing the Vilani mega-corporations (Naasirka, Sharurshid, Zirunkariish and Makhidkarun) to stop paying dividends to the leader of the faction most opposed to their views.

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