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In German, "Geschichtkreis" does not mean "Historian's Society. It means "History Circle"- Historian's society would be "Historikergesellschaft. A Starship is a Raumschiff, although at a stretch it could possibly be a starship (at least Stern is star) if German usage shifted a bit by the time of GSbAG's founding. In which case the company would e better off named as Gesellschaft feur Sternschiffbau AG. "Society of Starship Builders"

The expansion of GSbAG to "Geschichtkreis Sternschiffbau AG" is first from GT:Behind The Claw, and repeated in several other GT books, and forwarded to Mongoose Traveller. None of the sources try to translate the name back to English. The page notes the translation is non-canon. It was also known that the GT:BtC was published from a first draft, rather than a final playtested version. So it is possible the better name was recommended and then lost. Tjoneslo (talk) 07:04, 5 December 2020 (EST)