Luna: A Travellers Guide

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Luna: A Travellers Guide
LunaTravellersGuide. 350.jpg
Luna: A Traveller's Guide
Author Marc Miller
Publisher Star Quest Games
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Digest)
Language English
Pages 12
Year Published 1993
Canonical Yes
Available from Unknown
Also See Luna (world)

Luna: A Traveller's Guide is a source book for Classic Traveller, published in 1993 by Star Quest Games. It is digest-sized (5.5"x8.5") and contains 12 pages of material plus an 8.5"x11" insert.

The booklet contains no table of contents.

Library Data[edit]

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The material in this booklet was originally published in issue 87 of Dragon Magazine; Marc Miller has since shared the materials several times by request.

The text of the Dragon article is essentially identical to the text of this booklet; there are minor edits to punctuation and phrasing. The insert commemorates the -2552 landing of early Solomani travellers on Luna; it features a map of the landing site and diagrams of the primitive vehicles used. This insert does not appear in the magazine.

The magazine article contains a half page illustration signed by Parkinson, of a lunar surface city with a monorail station, and a vacc suited individual in the foreground; behind one of the city's towers, a near-full Terra hangs in the sky. This artwork does not appear in the booklet.


Marc Miller
Cover art
Keith Parkinson (uncredited)