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House Shiishuginsa is an old Vilani mercantile family, which founded the Vilani megacorporation Zirunkariish in -425.


Today the family still owns 29% of Zirunkariish (which in turn owns 13% of Sharurshid).


The Shiishuginsa family is closely associated with the Alkhalikoi dynasty.

  • This association dates to the time just after the Civil War, when the clan was among the leaders of the pro-Vilani faction at court.
  • One member of the family, Atiama, married the Emperor Zhakirov in 679.
  • The Shiishuginsas have been staunch supporters of the dynasty ever since, and are one of the few Vilani noble families to spend most of their time on Capital.
  • Today they retain extensive private holdings there.

House Members of Distinction[edit]

Collateral Lines[edit]

  • Lucien? Shiishuginsa. Knight, (Vice?) Admiral in the Imperial Navy, commander of the IN base in the Glisten system (in 1120).

Notable Investments: The Shiishuginsa family Trust[edit]

Being the astute bankers and investors that they always have been, the Shiishuginsa family started the Shiishuginsa family trust which is administered for the benefit of all family members. The Trust's holdings are vast and the trust itself is administered by the Shiishuginsa family's company Zirunkariish.

Megacorporation holdings[edit]

Zirunkariish subsidiary and related holdings[edit]

Zirunkariish Co-Prosperity Development Trust subsidiary holdings[edit]

S'mrii (SIA) holdings[edit]

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry holdings[edit]

Other holdings[edit]


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