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House Zhunastu is the house of the founder of the Third Imperium and despite a fall from power, it still holds considerable power and influence.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Notable Investments (Milieu 0): Zhunastu Industries LIC - an Imperial megacorporation[edit]

Zhunastu Industries, LIC was formed out of the buyout and merger of several smaller companies over a ten-year period from -40 to -30.

  • Included in the merger were the companies the Zhunastu famliy, members who had controlling interest in the resulting corporation, had built up in the preceding years. The result was one of the largest corporations in the Sylean Federation. It was the economic power of the conglomerate which allowed Cleon I to expand the Federation and eventually transform it into the Third Imperium.
  • The corporation continued to be an Imperial megacorporation until the demise of Cleon III. While the Zhunastu family didn't occupy the Imperial throne between 54 and 244, they continued to run the company. Cleon III's utter madness at running the Imperium also extended to the corporation, where he terrorized the board of directors and division heads alike.
  • By the time Cleon III was assassinated in 245 by Porfiria and the Moot, the corporation was in complete disarray. The various companies and divisions were closed, spun off, or bought up by other companies. By 265, Zhunastu Industries had ceased to exist.

Notable Investments (1116)[edit]

Megacorporation holdings[edit]

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