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Publications: The following is a list of all published items for the Traveller universes.

  • The number of products are too many to be listed here, and as such are broken down by Publisher, Version, and Author.
  • Miniatures are not covered in this section, see miniatures.
  • Magazine articles are covered in Published Articles, some magazines are covered in the below publisher lists, but only for those that also produce books and modules.
  • The "Lost" Books cover books which were announced, but never saw the final light of day.
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Traveller: (Where it all started...)


Traveller has birthed numerous versions and a number of publishers have put out Traveller products:

Major Versions[edit]

Pub Date Edition Game Abbr Primary Publisher
1977 1st Edition Classic Traveller CT Game Designers Workshop
1986 2nd Edition MegaTraveller MT Game Designers Workshop
1992 3rd Edition Traveller: The New Era TNE Game Designers Workshop
1996 4th Edition Marc Miller's Traveller T4 Imperium Games
1998 5th edition GURPS Traveller GT Steve Jackson Games
2002 6th Edition GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars GT:IW Steve Jackson Games
2006 7th Edition Traveller D20 T20 QuikLink Interactive
2006 8th Edition Traveller Hero TH ComStar Games
2008 9th Edition Mongoose Traveller MGT Mongoose Publishing
2013 10th edition Traveller 5 T5 Far Future Enterprises
2016 11th edition Mongoose Traveller MGT2 Mongoose Publishing

Current Publishers (2015)[edit]

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Pub. Date Publisher Primary Setting Publications
1995 BITS Classic Traveller BITSList of Publications : 24
2008 D.B. Game Design Classic Traveller D.B. Game DesignList of Publications : 6
2012 DSL Ironworks Classic Traveller DSL IronworksList of Publications : 6
2000 Far Future Enterprises Classic Traveller Far Future EnterprisesList of Publications : 35
2002 FLTGames Gaming Group Classic Traveller FLTGames Gaming GroupList of Publications : 8
2012 Gorgon Press Classic Traveller Gorgon PressList of Publications : 6
2014 Greylock Publishing Classic Traveller Greylock PublishingList of Publications : 1
2011 Gypsy Knights Games Classic Traveller Gypsy Knights GamesList of Publications : 95
2009 Jon Brazer Enterprises Classic Traveller Jon Brazer EnterprisesList of Publications : 26
2009 K-Studio Classic Traveller K-StudioList of Publications : 1
2006 Loren Wiseman GURPS Traveller Loren WisemanList of Publications : 6
2008 Mongoose Publishing Classic Traveller Mongoose PublishingList of Publications : 193
2013 Moon Toad Publishing Classic Traveller Moon Toad PublishingList of Publications : 11
2009 Samardan Press Classic Traveller Samardan PressList of Publications : 22
2009 Skortched Urf Studios Classic Traveller Skortched Urf StudiosList of Publications : 4
2006 Spica Publishing Classic Traveller Spica PublishingList of Publications : 32
1998 Steve Jackson Games (SJG) GURPS Traveller Steve Jackson GamesList of Publications : 35
2012 Zozer Games Classic Traveller Zozer GamesList of Publications : 7
2016 - Present 608 Publishing Classic Traveller 608 PublishingList of Publications : 1

Publications Prior Publishers[edit]

Traveller Original Publisher & Creator:

Pub. Date Publisher Primary Setting Publications
1977 Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) Classic Traveller 104 List of Publications: 104

Later Traveller Publishers:

Pub. Date Publisher Primary Setting Publications
1990 Adjutant Classic Traveller AdjutantList of Publications : 10
2004 Avenger Enterprises Classic Traveller Avenger EnterprisesList of Publications : 46
2000 Cargonaut Press Classic Traveller Cargonaut PressList of Publications : 12
2006 ComStar Games Classic Traveller ComStar GamesList of Publications : 13
1984 Digest Group Publications (DGP) MegaTraveller Digest Group PublicationsList of Publications : 42
1980 FASA Classic Traveller FASAList of Publications : 27
1980 Gamelords Classic Traveller GamelordsList of Publications : 10
1980 Group One Classic Traveller Group OneList of Publications : 15
1981 Games Workshop (GW) Classic Traveller 03 Games WorkshopList of Publications: 3
1984 Grenadier Models Inc. Classic Traveller 01 Grenadier_Models_Inc.List of Publications : 1
1993 IBR Productions Classic Traveller IBR ProductionsList of Publications : 1
1996 Imperium Games Milieu 0 Imperium GamesList of Publications : 23
1978 Judges Guild Classic Traveller Judges GuildList of Publications : 20
1982 Marischal Adventures Classic Traveller Marischal AdventuresList of Publications : 11
1980 Paranoia Press Classic Traveller Paranoia PressList of Publications : 10
2001 QuikLink Interactive Classic Traveller QuikLink InteractiveList of Publications : 30
1985 Seeker Gaming Systems Classic Traveller Seeker Gaming SystemsList of Publications : 8
1993 Sword of the Knight Publications MegaTraveller Sword of the Knight PublicationsList of Publications : 13
1979 Warfield Games Classic Traveller Warfield GamesList of Publications : 1


Traveller in Other Media: Travller has appeared in other forms than game books:


  • In March 2011 IngZ Inc announced the upcoming release of "Traveller AR" in Summer 2011. Traveller AR is an iPhone based port of the Traveller RPG brand. The "Traveller AR" software was unfortunately abandoned at a later date after protracted development. "


Several novels have been specifically set in the various Traveller universes:

Traveller Game Novels
# Year Title Series Author Edition Reference & ISBN Notes
1. 1993 Again, Oytritsyu'aby Book 1 of 1 Charles E. Gannon Traveller: The New Era n/a Novelette (Short story)
2. 1993 Count or Country Book 1 of 1 Charles E. Gannon Traveller: The New Era n/a Novelette (Short story)
3. 1993 The Trap of Triton Book 1 of 1 Gary A. Kalin Traveller: The New Era n/a Novelette (Short story)
4. 1995 The Intendant Book 1 of 1 Gregory P. Lee Traveller: The New Era n/a Available from Amazon
5. 1995 Death of Wisdom Book 1 of 3 Paul Brunette Traveller: The New Era ISBN 1-55878-181-1 Available from FFE
6. 1995 To Dream of Chaos Book 2 of 3 Paul Brunette Traveller: The New Era ISBN 1-55878-184-6 Available from FFE
7. 1998 Marc Miller's Traveller: Gateway to the Stars Book 1 of 1 Pierce Askegren T4 ISBN 0-671-01188-X Available from Amazon
8. 2005 The Force of Destiny Book 1 of 1 Dale Kemper Classic Traveller n/a Available from Amazon
9. 2004 Diaspora Phoenix Book 1 of 1 Martin J. Dougherty Classic Traveller n/a Available from RPG Now
10. 2006 Tales of the New Era 1: Yesterday's Hero Book 1 of 1 Martin J. Dougherty Classic Traveller n/a Available from RPG Now
11. 2010 The Backwards Mask Book 3 of 3 Paul Brunette Traveller: The New Era n/a Available from FFE
12. 2011 The Backwards Mask (Alternate) Book 3 of 3 Matthew Carson Traveller: The New Era n/a Available from FFE
13. 2012 A Long Way Home: Tales of Congressional Space Book 1 of 1 Terrance McInnes Classic Traveller n/a Available from Amazon
14. 2014 Shadow of the Storm Book 1 of 1 Martin J. Dougherty Classic Traveller ISBN-10: 1558780343 Available from RPG Now
15. 2016-Present Ol' Doris Book 1 of 1 Samuel Budak Classic Traveller n/a Novelette (Short story)
16. 2015 Agent of the Imperium Book 1 of ? Marc Miller Classic Traveller ISBN Available from RPG Now
  • In addition, Jefferson Swycaffer has written several novels set in the "Concordat" fictional universe he originally developed for his Traveller campaign.
  • Gregory P. Lee's "The Laughing Lip" series acknowledges the influence of Traveller in the development of the three novels published to date. Mr. Lee also wrote the Gamelords' supplement "Lee's Guide to Interstellar Adventure" in the early 1980s.


Heavy metal band Slough Feg issued a Traveller-based concept album, appropriately titled Traveller in 2003.


Gaming magazine White Dwarf ran a comic strip called The Travellers by Mark Harrison from 1983 to 1986. The strip spoofed Traveller and other space opera settings.

Television (Live Action)[edit]

In May 2014 game designer and film producer Ken Whitman announced that his company, D20 Entertainment, had procured a license from Marc Miller to produce a Traveller television pilot. The pilot is to be titled Spinward Traveller and will follow the adventures of Jon Spinward, who is pressed into service aboard a pirate ship.

On June 1, 2014, Whitman launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film. The campaign is seeking $30,000 to produce a 22-minute pilot but has stretch goals for up to a 96-minute film. The campaign received over $5,000 on its first day.

The project was never brought to completion.

Translated Versions[edit]

Pub. Date Language Primary Publisher Publications
2007 FRENCH (la langue Française) Tud Glas 06 List of Publications: 6
2008 GERMAN (Deutsche Sprache) 13Mann 13 List of Publications: 13
2003 JAPANESE (Nihongo) Raimei 01 List of Publications: 1
1985 GERMAN (Deutsche Sprache) Fantasy Production 27 List of Publications: 27
1984 JAPANESE (Nihongo) Hobby Japan 01 List of Publications: 1
TBD JAPANESE (Nihongo) Kokusai-tsushinsha 01 List of Publications: 1
TBD SPANISH (el idioma Español) Diseños Orbitales 03 List of Publications: 3


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