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The Travellers' Digest was a role-playing game periodical (magazine) devoted to Traveller.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The main adventure published in each issue linked with the others of its type to produce a story arc. This follows the travels of a reporter from the Spinward Marches who won the Travellers' Digest Touring Award. The story arc follows his travels, together with three companions, through various parts of the Imperium and neighbouring areas starting in 1100 and finishing in 1112. The title of the main adventure in each issue is used as a descriptor in the List of Issues given below, alongside the sector and subsector data that is included. Each issue also contained related articles and other material.

Table of Contents (TD Issues)[edit]

Travellers' Digest Issues
Issue Title Sector/s Subsector/s
No. 1 Of X-boats and Friends Deneb Sector Pretoria Subsector
No. 2 Journey of the Sojourn Moon Deneb Sector Atsah Subsector
No. 3 Visit to Antiquity Corridor Sector Ian Subsector
No. 4 The Gold of Zurrian Vland Sector Kagamira Subsector
No. 5 The Humaniti Experiment Vland Sector Vland Subsector
No. 6 The Most Valuable Prey Lishun Sector Shuna Subsector
No. 7 The Fourth Imperium Lishun Sector Masionia Subsector
No. 8 Shoot-Out at Shudusham Core Sector Core Subsector
No. 9 Before the Iridium Throne Core Sector Bunkeria and Cemplas Subsectors
No. 10 Reference Point Core Sector Cadion and Chant Subsectors
No. 11 Missing in Transit Massilia Sector Shiwonee Subsector
No. 12 Life Underground Old Expanses Sector Dethenes Subsector
No. 13 Terra Incognita Solomani Rim Sector Sol Subsector / Terra system
No. 14 Spectrum Analysis Magyar Sector Black Jack Subsector
No. 15 Krimm's Paw Daibei Sector Hermes Subsector
No. 16 Twice Confounded Reaver's Deep Sector Urlaqqash Subsector
No. 17 The Blade of Koiyekh Dark Nebula Sector Kilrai' Subsector
No. 18 Clan and Pride Ealiyasiyw Sector and Corridor Sector No Subsector/s
No. 19 Out of the Night Riftspan Reaches Sector and Deneb Sector No Subsector/s
No. 20 An Act of Conscience Trojan Reach Sector and Reft Sector No Subsector/s
No. 21  One Last Stop Zarushagar Sector Wolf and Oasis Subsectors

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The magazine was published by Digest Group Publications starting in 1985.

  • All 21 issues covered Classic Traveller, while issues 11 through 21 also included material for MegaTraveller.
  • From issue 9 onwards, material for Traveller: 2300 was included.
  • Issues 1 through 8 were published in digest format, similar to the books of Classic Traveller. Published format switched to traditional magazine format with issue 9.

Travellers' Digest (TD) Issues[edit]

This is an overview of the Travellers' Digest (TD) Magazine (periodical) run:

The Travellers' Digest The Travellers Digest logo 350.jpg
CT / TD / DGP Periodicals (1985 to 1987):

Issue 1 - Issue 2 - Issue 3 - Issue 4 - The Early Adventures - Issue 5 - Issue 6 - Issue 7 - Issue 8
MT / TD / DGP Periodicals (1987 to 1990):
Issue 9 - Issue 10 - Issue 11 - Issue 12 - Issue 13 - Issue 14 - Issue 15 - Issue 16 - Issue 17 - Issue 18 - Issue 19 - Issue 20 - Issue 21
DGP Periodicals Index (1985 to 1990):
Travellers' Digest Index

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