The Early Adventures

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The Early Adventures
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Background and adventures from Travellers' Digest 1-4
Author Joe FugateGary L. Thomas
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 48
Year Published 1988
Canonical Yes
Available from No (Aftermarket)

The Early Adventures is a Digest Group Publications product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Quest for Adventure

The Early Adventures introduce you to four fascinating characters: a Scout, a journalist, a scientist, and an almost-perfected pseudo-biological robot. Learn about them as you play out these four exciting adventures:

  • Of Xboats and Friends:
Dur Telemon, the ex-Scout, wants to stop off and visit a friend at an express boat station. Suddenly, events take a sinister turn when the party stumbles upon an amazing secret that may cost them their lives. Included are cut-away deck plans of the 1,000-ton xboat tender, complete with its MegaTraveller Universal Craft Profile.
  • The Journey of the Sojourn Moon:
A strange backward culture inhabits the bright side of the tidally locked world Wal-ta-ka. Who are the "Children of Wal-ta-ka?" Akidda Laagiir and his companions travel there to find the real story of these mysterious nomads descended from starfaring colonists. An extremely detailed treatment of the world and its lifeforms is included, as well as additional details on Dr. Krenstein’s robot companion, AB-101.
  • Visit to Antiquity:
Emotions run high when the four travellers encounter a group of Vargr researchers at a historically important Ancient site. The Vargr and our four characters make some startling new discoveries. Also featured is an article on Gvegh, the most common Vargr language, and how it reflects one widespread Vargr culture of the region.
  • The Gold of Zurrian:
A mysterious murder on board an interstellar liner catches the passengers by surprise, and to make matters worse all evidence points to one of our four characters. Can the others clear their companion’s good name in time - before the real murderer decides to take matters into his own hands? Included are detailed deck plans and the Universal Craft Profile of the 1,000 ton liner where the adventure takes place.

And Lots of Background Material
These adventures introduce many new worlds and alien cultures for you to explore, with plenty of maps and detailed library data. Included are exciting new details about the Zhodani and Vargr, two of Traveller's alien races. Are you looking for new technology? Within are excerpts from the first year's "Tech Briefs", an ongoing feature highlighting new devices for Traveller. (There are even some fantastically high-tech Ancient artifacts.) Plenty of diagrams and charts are included.

Referee's, would you like to add pizzazz to your adventures? And without extra work? The adventures in this special book are packed with ideas and tips for leading your players through each adventure. Watching the same group of characters develop adds excitement to your role-playing, while your players' ability to role-play expands with every game. And each adventure gives the referee plenty of detailed NPC's to play with.

Table of Contents[edit]

The Early Adventures
Section Page/s
Express Boat Tender deck plans IFC
Introduction and Characters 1
Adventure 1: Of X-Boats and Friends 4
Express Boat Tender 10
Deneb Sector: Library Data 11
Adventure 2: Journey of the Sojourn Moon 12
Journalist Character Generation 24
Recording Devices 25
Adventure 3: Visit to Antiquity 26
Corridor Sector: Library Data 35
Playing the Vargr 36
Adventure 4: The Gold of Zurrian 38
Pretoria Subsector 45
Atsah Subsector 46
Ian Subsector 47
Kagamira Subsector 48
Gold Of Zurrian: Long Liner deck plans IBC

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Gold of Zurrian class Long Liner
  2. Pride of Vland class Long Liner

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

A reprint of much of the first four issues of Travellers' Digest magazine. Only material that did not appear in print elsewhere (for example in Book 8: Robots) was included. All reprinted material was upgraded to MegaTraveller standards, having originally been printed for Classic Traveller.

The Early Adventures feature Dur Telemon, Akidda Laagiir, Dr. Krenstein, and AB-101, the famous characters from the pages of the Travellers' Digest.

  • Follow four unlikely travellers: a journalist, an ex-Scout, a scientist, and his robot sidekick. Starting "behind the claw" in Spinward Marches Sector, they travel hundreds of light years on a memorable quest to the Imperial Capital.

TD Issues[edit]

This is an overview of the The Travellers' Digest Magazine (periodical) run:

The Travellers' Digest The Travellers Digest logo 350.jpg
CT / TD / DGP Periodicals (1985 to 1987):

Issue 1 - Issue 2 - Issue 3 - Issue 4 - The Early Adventures - Issue 5 - Issue 6 - Issue 7 - Issue 8
MT / TD / DGP Periodicals (1987 to 1990):
Issue 9 - Issue 10 - Issue 11 - Issue 12 - Issue 13 - Issue 14 - Issue 15 - Issue 16 - Issue 17 - Issue 18 - Issue 19 - Issue 20 - Issue 21
DGP Periodicals Index (1985 to 1990):
Travellers' Digest Index

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Adventure 1 Joe Fugate and Gary L. Thomas
Adventure 2 Nancy Parker and Robert Parker
Adventure 3 Gary L. Thomas and Joe Fugate
Adventure 4 Gary L. Thomas
Library Data Nancy Parker and Robert Parker

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