Gauss Rifle

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Generic Gauss Rifle
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Generic Gauss Rifle
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–12
Size 750.0 mm
Weight 3,500.0 grams
Cost Cr1,500
Ammo 4mm needle bullet, x40 rounds, 40mm grenade
Manufacturer Various
Generic Gauss Rifle

The Gauss Rifle (3,900.0 grams loaded; Cr1,500; TL-12) is the ultimate development of the tried and true slug thrower.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Gauss Rifle:" The ultimate development of the slug thrower, the gauss rifle generates an electromagnetic field along the length of the barrel which accelerates a 4mm, 4 gram needle bullet to velocities of 1500 meters per second. The round itself consists of a dense armor piercing core surrounded by a softer metal covering, ending in a hollow point, giving the round both high stopping power and a good armor piercing capability. Flight along the barrel is nearly frictionless, with spin stabilization imparted through magnetic bias. A forty round magazine is attached behind the pistol grip, and each pull of the trigger fires one, four, or ten rounds. The firing setting may be changed after firing. [1]

Standard equipment on the gauss rifle includes a battlefield sight similar to that used on the ACR, a RAM grenade adapter, gyrostabilization, and a sling. Reloading by replacement of an empty magazine or RAM grenade takes several seconds, during which the player is considered to be evading. Power is provided by a disposable power pack included in each magazine. [2]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length, exclusive of grenade: 750.0 mm. Weight, unloaded: 3,500.0 grams (loaded magazines weigh 400.0 grams). Base price: Cr1,500 (40 round magazine and battery pack: Cr30). Tech level: 12. Extreme range: 1,260.0 meters. [3]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Gauss Weaponry, also known as Mass Driver Weapons are another solution, but also involve expense and technological sophistication problems beyond many sophont civilizations. [4]

Selected Gaus Rifle Models[edit]

  1. TL-10 Gauss Rifle
  2. TL-11 Gauss Rifle
  3. TL-12 Gauss Rifle
  4. TL-13 Gauss Rifle
  5. TL-14 Gauss Rifle
  6. TL-15 Gauss Rifle

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