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A Kinetic Energy Weapons (KEW) is a weapon which uses kinetic energy as its primary agent of damage with little to no guidance.

  • Kinetic energy weapons are commonly known as slugthrowers although a vast variety of weapons using projectile munitions are available.
  • They are also known as Ballistic Weapons or projectile throwers.
  • Ordnance or munitions for these weapons may employ high explosives, flechettes, or other agents of damage in addition to kinetic force.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

KEW weapons fall into several basic categories:

  • Archaic Projectile Weaponry
  • Electromagnetic Weaponry
  • Explosive Weaponry
  • Gyrojet Weaponry
  • Projectile Weaponry
    • Conventional Projectile Weaponry
    • Unconventional Projectile Weaponry

Archaic Projectile Weaponry[edit]

  1. Archaic Pistols
    1. Black Powder Revolver
    2. Duckfoot Pistol
  2. Archaic Rifles
    1. Black Powder Firearm
    2. Blunderbuss
    3. Flintlock
    4. Rifled Flintlock Musket
    5. Rifled Musket
    6. Smoothbore Flintlock Musket
  3. Archaic Heavy Weapons
    1. Breachloading Cannon
  4. Archaic Specialty Weapons
    1. TBD

Gauss Weaponry (Electromagnetic Weaponry)[edit]

  1. Gauss Pistols
    1. 4mm Gauss Pistol
    2. Gauss Pistol
    3. P-35 "Cobra" 5.5mm Gauss Pistol
    4. P35 Gauss Pistol
  2. Gauss Rifles
    1. G-1A2 Gauss Battle Rifle
    2. G-8A2 Gauss Carbine
    3. Gauss Rifle
    4. GS-7 Gauss Sniper Rifle
    5. GSR-5 Gauss Sniper System
    6. L-18A5 Gauss Rifle
  3. Gauss Heavy Weapons
    1. Mass Driver Cannon AKA MDC
    2. L16A4 Gauss Squad Automatic Weapon
    3. LMG-45B1 "Saw" Gauss Squad Assault Weapon
    4. Mass Driver
    5. Rail Gun
    6. VRF Gaus Gun
  4. Gauss Specialty Weapons
    1. Aerogel Launcher

Explosive Weaponry & Grenades[edit]

Conventional Explosives:

  1. Block Charge
  2. Burst Widget
  3. Concussion Grenade
  4. Grenade
  5. Limpet Mine
  6. Mark XIV Liquid Explosive
  7. Mine
  8. TDX

Gyrojet & Rocket Weaponry[edit]

Most Gyrojet and Rocket weaponry use a chemical rocket to propel a munition downrange, generally inflicting damage through kinetic or high explosive damage types.

Gyrojet & Rocket Weapon Types:

  1. Gyrojet Weaponry
    1. Accelerator Rifle
    2. Gyrojet
    3. Rocket Gun
    4. Rocket Pistol
  2. Rocket Weaponry
    1. Assault Rocket Launcher

Conventional Projectile Weapons[edit]

Conventional weapons work by propelling a projectile, usually called a bullet, out of a barrel inflicting damage through kinetic energy.

Conventional Weapon Types:

  1. Conventional Pistols
    1. 5mm Revolver
    2. Auto Pistol
    3. Automatic Snub Pistol
    4. Body Pistol
    5. CP-03 Pistol
    6. Holdout Weapon
    7. Magnum Revolver
    8. Polymer One-shot Pistol
    9. Revolver Snub Pistol
    10. Snub Pistol
    11. Submachinegun
  2. Conventional Rifles
    1. 7mm Auto Rifle
    2. 9mm Bolt Action Rifle
    3. Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR)
      1. CR898 Advanced Combat Rifle
    4. Assault Rifle
    5. Carbine
    6. Heavy Rifle
    7. PR903 Rifle
  3. Conventional Heavy Weaponry
    1. 13mm Double Barrel Big Game Rifle
    2. 14.5mm Crunch Gun
    3. 7mm Rotary Gun
    4. 8mm Assault Cannon
    5. Auto-cannon
    6. Auto-Sentry
    7. Belt-Fed Automatic Rifle
    8. Grenade Launcher
    9. GSR-12 class Sniper Rifle
    10. Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
    11. Light Assault Gun (LAG)
    12. Light Machine Gun (LMG)
    13. Medium Machine Gun (MMG)
    14. Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
  4. Shotguns
    1. Assault Shotgun
      1. AS-2B1 "Warhammer" Assault Shotgun
    2. Autoshotgun
    3. Revolver Shotgun
    4. Shotgun
  5. Conventional Specialty Weaponry
    1. Flare Gun
    2. Nail Gun
    3. Splat Gun

Unconventional Projectile Weapons[edit]

  1. Specialty Weaponry
    1. 17mm Paint Pellet Gun
    2. Grapnel Gun
    3. Non-lethal Weaponry
      1. Lawless Hypo Gun
      2. Neivher
      3. Riot Foam
      4. Taser
    4. Net Gun
    5. Staple Gun
  2. Exotic Weaponry
    1. Flechette Gun
    2. Needle gun
    3. Needler
    4. Reproduction Firearms
      1. II Enri Auto Pistol
      2. II Enri Gauss Rifle
    5. Sticky Weapon
      1. Sticky Grenade
      2. Sticky Gun

KEW Artillery[edit]

  1. Howitzer
    1. Urida Towed 12cm Howitzer
  2. Mortar
    1. Jacent Towed 4.5 cm Mortar
  3. Rocket Battery
    1. TBD
  4. Tube Artillery
    1. TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

After melee weapons are developed, KEW weapons, also known as conventional firearms tend to follow in most sophont societies. Later DEW and GUW weapons tend to be developed. KEW weapons can be very primitive or highly advanced depending on the society that developed them. However, despite their usual status as the first non-archaic ranged weapons to develop in most sophont societies, they never go out of style.

At the cutting edge of TL:13-15 Charted Space, ACRs, gauss guns, gyrojets, needlers, and a variety of other KEW weapons remain in wide use from one corner of sophontic space to the other.

Fire Modes[edit]

The fire mode of a KEW weapon can encompass a number of factors including intentionality, purpose, and RoF:

  1. Automatic Fire
  2. Burst Fire
  3. Called Shot
  4. Reactive Fire
  5. Suppressive Fire

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