Jacent Towed 4.5 cm Mortar

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The Jacent Towed 4.5 cm Mortar serves with the Jacent Resistance Forces, these weapons are license built as the least expensive self directed artillery option available.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Jacent Towed 4.5 cm Mortar (TECH LEVEL A): Built on Jacent (FH 2331) (world) this 4.5cm mortar is carriage mounted and can be towed behind a Jacent Deluxe Amphibious Scout Car. They operate in sections with one scout pulling the mortar and a second vehicle pulling a wagon load of 450 more rounds of ammo. These six soldiers dismount and form the mortar crew. It has a ROF 22.5, its indirect fire accuracy is +1 up to 2.25km and -3 up to 4.5km. It has a +1 signature when it fires. It takes 4.5 turns to set up for indirect fire missions. Rounds mass 1.5kg each and there is storage for 450 rounds of HE or smoke on the gun carriage which is included in the purchase price. It can conduct 20 fire missions on that ammo load. It has TL A indirect fire control and requires a full crew of 4 and has a minimal crew of 2. It can serve as its own TL 5 fire direction center and there fore does not require a working communication link to a higher chain of command. Independent operators can rapidly set these up, conduct a fire mission and evacuate before counter battery fire missions arrive. They are ideal for fighting in cramped urban environments in and around civilians. Its high rate of fire allows it to blanket an area. On the open battlefield, their performance is less spectacular.

Volume: 1.10625 m3
Mass: 1.10625 tons
Price: 118,607.5
Rounds available include:
HE 10/1/2 Cr. 4.5
Smoke 1cmx1cm Cr. 4.5
Chemical 1cmx1cm 4 turns Cr. 9
Illum 40cm Cr. 9
Chaff 40cm Cr. 9
HEAP 24 Cr. 6.75

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

They serve as a terror weapon among populated centers. Small resistance cells use these to conduct shoot and scoot missions. Outside advisers from artillery branches were inserted covertly to train resistance fighters in the use of this minimalistic weapon system.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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