Polymer One-shot Pistol

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Polymer One-shot pistol
Type Weapon
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr250
Size 15cm
Weight 200g

The Polymer One-shot Pistol is a different kind of body pistol.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The One-Shot (2 shots actually) is a polymer framed handgun 15cm long and weighing 200grams. The twin barrels are both polymer with thin steel liners and rotate along a central post to bring one barrel at a time in line with the striker. The sealed barrels each contain one 9mm round that does not eject when fired. Both rounds are semi-jacketed hollow point.

The trigger is locked in place by a thin plastic tab which the user breaks during the first trigger pull. The round is fired and then the user rotates the second barrel into place manually. The second barrel locks into place to prevent misalignment by use of a simple pin that pops into a hole in the frame. The rounds are actually part of the barrel sleeve itself, so the thing can't be reused. They are caseless rounds molded into and sealed in the barrel at the factory and fired by the impact of the striker pin on the embedded primer.

Because the barrels are sealed the shelf life is effectively unlimited, though the manufacturer only guarantees the effectiveness of the rounds for one year after purchase. The guns are completely recyclable and when you return it to the store can get a 20% discount on the next one purchased.

The One-Shot™ comes in many colors and has also been marketed in special limited edition collecting lines, such as sport teams, celebrity and fashion designer styling’s.

Price is only 250Cr. at any major sporting goods store, or in the sporting goods section of major department stores.

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