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Group: Heavy Weapon
Tech Level TL–12
Size 122.25 cm long
Weight 14 kg unloaded
Cost Cr120,000
Ammo 8mm explosive
Manufacturer Various

An Auto-Sentry is a robotic weapon system, designed as a static-defence array, the auto-sentry is a tripod-mounted assault cannon, linked to a computerised target recognition system and sensor suite. In use, the auto-sentry is set up in position and its targeting parameters are set. The system can track up to 12 individual targets at a time and fire on them when they reach a certain range or position. Auto-sentries can recognise friendly troops, animals and inanimate objects and refrain from firing on them, however this is not perfect (5% failure rate). For this reason, most military units prefer to use a simple radio safety beacon, worn by each soldier. Auto-sentries are generally used to mount guard on corridors, stairwells, doorways, ravines, creeks, streets, and other defensive gaps which need constant observation. The auto-sentry fires 8mm rounds at 1200mps. It uses twin ammunition hoppers, which hold 500 rounds each. Auto-sentries weigh 100kg and cost CR120000.

Explosive rounds are standard with this weapon.

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