8mm Assault Cannon

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8mm Assault Cannon
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8mm Assault Cannon
Group: Gauss Weapon
Tech Level [[Technology Level|TL–TL-11]]
Size 168.0 cm long
Weight 12.0 kg unloaded
Cost Cr12,000
Ammo 8mm needles
Manufacturer Various
Electronic sight. Laser sight. Gryoscopic compensator. Harness-mounted.

An Assault Cannon is a gauss-operated support weapon.

The assault cannon fires an 8.0 mm, 20.0 gram projectile at a rate of 1,200.0 mps, with a practical rate of fire of four rounds per second. Like all Gauss weapon, it makes a loud popping noise when fired, around 120.0 db.

The weapon is fed by an ammunition cassette, which contains sixty rounds. The weapon also requires a coolant cylinder and power pack. Each power pack will fire four hundred rounds and each coolant cylinder will also cool the weapon for four hundred rounds before becoming exhausted. The weapon fires four round bursts. Assault cannons are fully man-portable. Each ammunition cassette weighs 4.0 kg.

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