17mm Paint Pellet Gun

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17mm Paint Pellet Gun
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Group: Small Arms
Tech Level TL–4
Size 4.0 liters
Weight 3.0 kg
Cost Cr100
Ammo 17mm gel
Manufacturer Various

The Paint Pellet Gun is a compressed gas weapon which fires large caliber (12mm-17mm) gel capsules at a velocity of 100m/s.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

These capsules are filled with paint or, at higher TLs, more noxious payload.

Image Repository[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Compressed gas weapons are a TL–4 invention, requiring strong pumping between shots. By TL–6 the materials science enables construction of small, light weight tanks of compressed gas for repeat firings.

At TL–7, consistent manufacturing of gel capsules filled with paint allows the development of the first paint guns. First sources for the guns vary between a livestock marking tool, an alternative "safe" weapon often used by military units for training, or in "war games" for bored or overly aggressive civilians.

The real value of the Paint Gun becomes apparent when the gelcaps which hold in the paint become dependable enough to hold more hazardous substances than paint. At TL-9, materials engineers create a material which can hold biologicals (both bacterial and viral), some chemicals, and strong tranquilizers.

Typical biologicals include both fast and slow-acting immune deficiency viruses, dysentery-causing bacteria, and meningitis-causing bacteria. Typical chemicals include tranquilizers, nerve poisons, psychoactives, and even powerful versions of "truth" drug.

The paint gun is often used in combat support roles, such as infiltration missions designed to cause unrest or disrupt essential rear-echelon services. It is also sometimes used in political missions, such as assassination or otherwise rendering political figures and command structures ineffective.

Paint pellet guns come in two styles, a light weight pistol (0.75 kg) which fires 6-8 single shots and an automatic fire carbine with a larger air tank and a magazine capacity of 100 shots.

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