Flare Gun

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Flare Gun
Type Emitter
Tech Level TL–5
Cost Cr75
Size 1.5 liters
Weight 1.0 kg
Also see Signal Flare

A Flare Gun or Flare Launcher consists of a pistol-like launcher which can fire any of several types of signal flares up to 50 meters. In addition to being used for signals, it can fire illuminating flares which can be used for spotting purposes in darkness. Signal Flare cartridges are generally loaded individually. Once the cartridge as been fired the flare gun must be reloaded.

A flare gun is used for long-range signaling and has both civil and military applications. Flare Guns are often part of the equipment found as part of a Ship's Locker or within Emergency Lockers.

A Flare Gun launches (fires) a Signal Flare - this is generally referred to as a cartridge or round. Cartridges come in two main varieties: the standard signal flare and the illumination round. Signal flares are generally subdivided by color. Some signal flares may have an audible component (typically a whistle or a loud bang).

Flare guns and the signal flares can set fire to flammable materials as a secondary effect. When used as a weapon, the Signal Flares that the flare gun fires cause little damage from impact but can cause severe burns.

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