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Ashfall Adventure 1
Author Timothy Collinson
Publisher March Harrier Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 1st
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 39
Year Published 2018
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
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Ashfall is a March Harrier Publishing adventure for Mongoose 2nd.

Six top Darrian university scientists are on an expedition to Spume to investigate the (top secret) properties of certain materials. A Special Arm scientist on the fringes of the Star Trigger project leads the expedition, a volcanologist, a seismologist, two materials specialists, and a technician are in support and looking forward to the university paid trip. Have any of them actually read up on Spume?

This is the first volume of a trilogy set on the volcanic world with Darrian scientists researching, exploring and surviving.


Timothy Collinson

Table of Contents[edit]

Section Page/s
Cover 1
Acknowledgements 2
Contents 3
Introduction & Map of Spume 4
Adventure 5-29
Vehicles of Spume 30-33
Dryavis Personnel 34
Selected Recent Publications of the Spume Research Expedition 35
Referee Briefing: PC details at a glance 36-38
General Notes 39

Library Data[edit]

  1. Advanced Base
  2. ATV
  3. Augment
  4. Condaria (world)
  5. Darrians
  6. Darrian Confederation
  7. Darrian Navy
  8. Darrian Navy Special Arm
  9. Daryen (world)
  10. Dryavis (corporate domed city)
  11. Emergency Beacon
  12. Flare Launcher
  13. Gagh class Trader
  14. Idikelin University
  15. Jumpspace
  16. Maghiz
  17. Magma Worm
  18. Materials Technology
  19. Mire (world)
  20. Naval Base
  21. Planetology
  22. Pamboyra (Darrian Chess)
  23. Pihrund (Corporation)
  24. Portable Fusion Stil
  25. Radio
  26. Roget (world)
  27. Rope
  28. ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
  29. SEV (Survey & Exploration Vehicle)
  30. Spume (world)
  31. SRG (Survey/Repair G-Carrier)
  32. Star Trigger
  33. Taledh (Philosophy)
  34. Vacc Suit
  35. Vulcanology
  36. Xenology
  37. Zamine (world)
  38. Zdetl

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Rules: Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition rules have been used with some reference to other sources where appropriate. This adventure requires the use of the Core Rulebook and Alien Module 3: Darrians (but note in the latter case the variance between skills between 1st and 2nd edition rules). Central Supply Catalogue is also useful. Other volumes have been referenced in the text but are not vital for play.

Reference has been made to two sequels to Ashfall which are not required to run this adventure but may be useful or of interest in providing further details.

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