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A G-Carrier is an enclosed grav vehicle, intended for passenger transport duties.

  • A G-carrier is capable of close-orbital spaceflight (sealed against vacuum) and is much quicker than an Air/raft grav vehicle. A G-carrier is not intended for extended spaceflight. Spaceships (ship's gigs, shuttles, and other smallcraft) perform these roles.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

G-Carriers commonly have the following features:

  • They are Grav-Powered
  • They are enclosed and provide life-support for the occupants
  • They are designed to carry passengers (cargo is an extra)
  • Most G-Carriers are capable of reaching orbit (occupants need not wear vacuum suits) and the trip will be a speedy one only taking a typical (15 to 45) minute flight depending on the size of the planet.
  • G-Carriers have much more powerful engines when compared to Air/rafts.
  • They don't usually have airlock and rely on the departure and arrivals points to provide safe spaces for passenger transfer.

Examples of G-Carriers[edit]

19 G-Carrier items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
NHNE/Equipment/Kiwi Sirius G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 4 dTon Cr410,100
Children's Air/Raft G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 1 TBD
Children's Floater G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 Cr2500
Fringian G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 10 6.0 Tons Cr985,000
G-Tube G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 200kg Cr45,000
GP-6D G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 4 dTon Cr580,833
Grandjagoo class Sealed Air/Raft G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Gudukraa class G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 36.5 tons kCr635
Hurakan class Enclosed Air/Raft G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Kankurur class G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 15 236Kl Mcr11.858
Kisha class Ambulance G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 10 11 tons (unloaded)
13 tons (loaded)
5 dTons
Cr 310,000
Lopec class G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Politesse class Grav Car G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD 6 dton Cr50,000+
Resolve class G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Skyknight class G-Carrier G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 15 18.04 tons Cr358,600
Trekka class Grav Bus G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 13 5 tons (unloaded)
8.7 tons (loaded)
4 dTons
Cr 998,000
Trelea class Utility Grav G-Carrier Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Utility floater G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 12 2500
Vargr Grav Platform G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 9 0.25 dTon Cr161,500

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

G-Carriers typically are used for the same general mission as taxis, busses, trains and aircraft at lower technology levels but some specialise for

  • Interface Operations: (Space to Surface & Surface to Space)
  • Exploration: (Transport of small numbers of key scientists or materials)

Many G-Carriers are built for dedicated para-military missions:

  • Troop Transport Missions: (Carry small numbers of troops). These are then classified as Armoured Personnel Carriers.
  • Utility Missions: (Carry small amounts of important materials)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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The line between Spaceplane and Spaceship is blurred.
If the design is described as a Vehicle then its a Spaceplane;
if it is described as a Ship its a Spaceship.

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