Children's Floater

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Children's Floater
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr2500
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type G-Carrier
Speed 20 kph
Cargo 300kg
Crew 1
Passengers 3
Armament none

Manufactured by Angler's Cost, originally from military surplus scrap. Total load is up to 300kg, in four non-comfy seats, on a 2.5meter long by 1.75 meter wide by 75cm thick frame. Cargo is a single box sitting between the two rear passengers. The battery allows operation for 3 hours, with a top speed of 20 kph and a max altitude of 10 meters. It uses gravitics and avionics originally pulled from a discontinued warbot design - the limited 'brain' left is just collision avoidance and anti-crash-assistance. Cost is Cr2500. (Aimed at the ages 7-12 market).

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