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This is a form of Watercraft that primarily operates underwater

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Submarines and Spaceships have (for air-breathing Sophonts) much in common. They exterior environment is hostile to life; the Sophont's own senses are inadequate for guiding the craft and have to be supported by Sensors; the vessel is an enclosed system. They also differ. A Submarine will be immersed in an electrically conductive environment that is also chemically active. While Spaceships may be water-resistant for some considerable time, most are not designed for deep-diving in such a medium. Salt-water corrosion can become an issue if Spaceships are left wet for long periods. Spaceships are designed for pressure pushing out; Submarines are designed for pressure pushing in.

As technology progresses, the Submarine becomes one of the few methods of deploying military force that can effectively hide from and combat spaceships.

Examples of Submarines[edit]

2 Submarine items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
H-6 class Submersible Commercial Vehicle Water (Submersible) 5 28 dTons Cr 500,000
Hunterfoil class Hydrofoil Maritime Warship Water (Hydrofoil/Submarine) TBD TBD TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Forms of underwater craft that cannot stay underwater for long periods are known as Submersibles.

Within the Imperium, Submarines are one of the mainstay's of the Imperial Army Nautical Force Command, and of the short-range transport networks of Waterworlds and high population worlds.

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The line between Spaceplane and Spaceship is blurred.
If the design is described as a Vehicle then its a Spaceplane;
if it is described as a Ship its a Spaceship.

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