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A Grav Bike is a personal Gravcraft providing no life-support.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Grav Bike is a Personal Vehicle, a Gravcraft providing no life-support on which the crew (and possible passenger) ride. They generally provide a small space for personal equipment storage.

It should be noted that Grav Bikes fairings are important and getting any part of the body outside the air-pocket protected by that fairing can result in the rider being pulled from the bike once speeds exceed about 150-200kph. This becomes especially true if the bike passes through the sound barrier.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. A paramilitary vehicle: a Grav Bike used by the IISS. This is also widely available in civil society.
    IISS-Grav-Bike-Rob-Caswell 10-May-2019a.jpg

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Grav Bikes are widely used in Civil, Paramilitary and Military roles.

Grav Bikes used as transports for first-responders by paramedical groups, patrol vehicles by law-enforcement groups and racers by the rich and reckless.

n.b. Many jurisdictions require the wearing of a safety harness and filing of a flight-plan, and almost all frown upon passing through the sound barrier anywhere near buildings that may be damaged by the resultant shockwave.

Vargr Grav Bikes[edit]

Vargr grav bikes are known to be highly personalized and souped-up, with better sound systems, paint schemes, and superior overland performance.[1] While memes of "everything but the safeties" abound in Humaniti-occupied space,[2] Vargr grav bikes are no more (or less) dangerous.

Some Imperial records suggest these Vargr gravbikes may be up to 3 tons in shipping size, but this is likely a clerical error, as most grav bikes are around 0.5 tons, and even the Vargr two-seater racer[3] is only 1.5 tons.

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