H-6 class Submersible

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H-6 class Submersible
Tech Level TL–5
Mass 28 dTons
Cost Cr 500,000
Mode Water (Submersible)
Type Commercial Vehicle
Speed 21kph (Surface)
Cargo 8 dTon
Crew 8
Passengers 12
Armament None

An H-6 class Submersible is a Commercial Submersible constructed to TL–5 standards.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Constructed by Margrave Shipyards on Vanejen in about 12 months, Watercraft of this class have an operating radius of up to 4400km.

Vision and Navigation are an obvious problem for Submersibles at TL–5. This is solved by having a watchkeeper stand in the forward hatch and watch out through portholes aided by a searchlight.

The vessel is usually equipped with a snorkel system either a short snorkel for use at shallow depth but not usable in ice, or a longer snorkel that is only usable when stationary, but capable of deploying through ice-cover. (Only one of these two is fitted at any one time). Diving depth is limited to 600m.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The H-6 is typical of vessels that operate on Vanejen.

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