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An Aircraft is a kind of flying vehicle or technological device, intended to convey sophonts from one location to another.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Type of Aircraft by Propulsion[edit]

The category of Aircraft includes:-

While Gravcraft are technically Aircraft they are categorised separately. Rockets are covered under Spaceplanes

Image Repository[edit]

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Examples of Aircraft[edit]

31 Aircraft items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
CAR Flight pack Personal Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 6 37kg Cr6,200
Deathsled class Ground Effect Vehicle Armored Fighting Vehicle Flight (ACV/GEV) 12 1.33 dton Cr632,012.59
Enlightened Supersonic Interceptor Air Superiority Craft Flight (Jet Aircraft) 7 20 tons Cr4,499,888.9
Fringian Autogyro Personal Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 6 0.5 Tons Cr45,000
Fringian Basic Propeller Aircraft Passenger Vehicle Flight (Propeller Aircraft) 5 3.5 Tons Cr87,000
Fringian Executive Helicopter Passenger Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 7 6.8 Tons Cr2,416,000
Fringian Executive Jet Passenger Vehicle Flight (Jet Aircraft) 5 10.9 Tons Cr9,200,000
Fringian Large Helicopter Passenger Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 11 25.3 Tons Cr785,000
Fringian Large Propeller Aircraft Passenger Vehicle Flight (Propeller Aircraft) 5 46.6 Tons Cr1,385,000
Fringian Light Helicopter Passenger Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 11 7.1 Tons Cr335,000
Hanglider Personal Vehicle Flight (Glider) 4 30kg Cr565
Helipack Personal Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 9 25 kg Cr2500
Indeera class Armored Personnel Carrier Armored Personnel Carrier Flight (Hovercraft) 8 3.0 dton Cr497,127.87
M5 class Parathan Light Helicopter Reconnaissance Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 9 TBD dton TBD
M6 class Parathan Medium Helicopter Utility Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 6 TBD dton TBD
Microweight Glider Personal Vehicle Flight (Glider) 12 22kg Cr500
Ohtar Mk 632 ACV/GEV Light Tank Flight (ACV/GEV) 8 2.5 dton 211,221.52
Personal Flyer - helicopter Personal Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 8 158 liter 33,872
Personal Flyer - turbine Personal Vehicle Flight (Jet Aircraft - VTOL) 8 285kg Cr53,176
Quanah class Bomber Ground Attack Craft Flight (Jet Aircraft) 6 20 dTons 1,385,641.3
Quanah class Fighter Air Superiority Craft Flight (Jet Aircraft- STOL) 6 10 tons 724,321.37
Radson class Fighter-Bomber Ground Attack Craft Flight (Jet Aircraft) 6 25 Cr. 3,972,454.9
Sand Stalker Mk 322 class ACV/GEV Light Tank Flight (ACV/GEV) 8 2.5 dton 270,066.37
Single Seat Fighter
Skyvan Cargo Vehicle Flight (Ion Thruster) 7 2 dTons 5,000
Type 52 class ACV SPM Artillery Vehicle Flight (ACV) 11 2 dton 841,306.49
Urida class Medium Helicopter Passenger Vehicle Flight (Helicopter) 6 220m3 Cr. 685,710.97
Val Marin class Supersonic VTOL Passenger Vehicle Flight (Jet Aircraft) 10 20 tons Cr8,551,796.6
War Master class Bomber
YF-1 High Altitude Rocket Plane Air Superiority Craft Flight (Rocket Aircraft) 6 25 tons Cr1,416,397.1667

Basic Principles of Atmospheric Flight[edit]

No information yet available.

Flight vs. Spaceflight vs. Starflight[edit]

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Speed Regimes-Envelopes[edit]

  • Subsonic
  • Transonic
  • Supersonic
  • Hypersonic
  • High-hypersonic
  • FTL

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Flightless sophont species need technology to achieve flight. Whether it's creature or animal husbandry to domesticate flying riding beasts or to invent propulsive devices that allow flight through flying vehicles. With few exceptions, to reach the stars, a sophont must master the power of flight.

Some sophont societies are able to achieve simple flight within the TL:1-3 tech epoch, typically using floaters, balloons, or dirigibles, often unpowered. As the first practical internal combustion engines are mastered within the TL:4-6 tech epoch, the majority of sopohnt societies are able to achieve powered flight and some even achieve spaceflight. The array of technologies within the TL:7-9 tech epoch, typically allow the sound barrier to be broken and many civilizations can achieve hypersonic speeds. By the TL:10-12 tech epoch, interstellar spaceflight becomes cheap, affordable, and everyday in application, with FTL jump engines creating true interstellar communities.

Expected Technological Progression of Aircraft-Spacecraft-Starcraft Development[edit]

Expected Technological Progression of Vehicles:
See Transportation Technologies of Charted Space

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The line between Spaceplane and Spaceship is blurred.
If the design is described as a Vehicle then its a Spaceplane;
if it is described as a Ship its a Spaceship.

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