Personal Flyer - turbine

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Personal Flyer
Tech Level TL–8
Mass 285kg
Cost Cr53,176
Mode Flight (Jet Aircraft - VTOL)
Type Personal Vehicle
Speed 100kph
Cargo 56 liter
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament none

The Personal flyer allows a single person to move about quickly and cheaply. The light weight turbine engine uses jet fuel. The vehicle has the external seat with arm rests and the bulk is mounted in the back of the seat, with the two ducted fans mounted at shoulder height.

The arm rests contain the fly-by-wire controls for the craft. There is a small computer with HUD for control and a short range communicator with protocols to integrate into the data networks and flight control system of most worlds.

The craft has a 2.5 hour fuel supply, with a top speed of 100kph. In addition to the pilot, the craft can carry up to 20kg of cargo.

The personal filer is a commercialzied version of the SoloTrek XFV prototype.

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