YF-1 High Altitude Rocket Plane

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YF-1 High Altitude Rocket Plane
Tech Level TL–6
Mass 25 tons
Cost Cr1,416,397.1667
Mode Flight (Rocket Aircraft)
Type Air Superiority Craft
Speed maximum empty 1,100kph, cruise 825kph, minimum 176kph
Cargo 0
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament 8x 100kg TAC Missiles
This is a high speed Yaradana (world) atmospheric interceptor airplane. Advanced targets with ECM can evade these missiles. Nuclear warheads can be carried but that is not the standard operational protocol. They can interdict briefly, space craft at the upper reaches of the planet's atmosphere. The pilot must wear a spacesuit for these missions as the aircraft provides no life support or environmental protection. The planet's unknown benefactors have contributed these guidance packages to this experimental and formerly top secret design which strains the limits of TL 6 technological capabilities. They are incapable of intercepts without the assistance of massive ground based RADAR arrays to acquire targets. Ground based controllers carefully vector the planes to get within striking distance of more modern craft. These ground controllers guide them to within visual range. These elite interceptor pilots taxi down very long paved runways from secret bases. Their initial climb is hindered by the burden of fuel which nearly doubles their mass. They gain speed once the drop tanks are empty and jettisoned. They are capable of striking targets within a 605km radius of operations from their air bases. The crude chemical rockets are very fuel inefficient.

This Yaradana (world) designed transonic plane has a single pilot in a complex cockpit with powered controls, and an ejection seat. It has eight 100kg capacity TAC missile launch rails under the swept wings. These missiles are made possible with imported TL 7 homing guidance packages. The rest of the design is limited to native build TL 6 technologies.

Vehicle Dimensions: 1,500 m3 ready for combat, 500 m3 packed for shipping.
Total mass: empty: 25 tons loaded: 46.9268024 tons.
Production Cost: Cr. 1,416,392.166
Movement: EMPTY: Maximum 1,100kph/916cm, cruise 825kph/687.5cm, minimum 176kph/146cm; LOADED: Maximum 586kph/488cm, cruise 439.5kph/366cm, minimum 176kph/146cm.
Movement effect on fire: None.
Turns: 55 degrees
Agility: 13/8
Equipment: Passive IR, 5,000 power radio
Power: 0.3711231 megawatt high performance rocket power plant consumes 18,556.155 liters of fuel per hour, internal fuel capacity is 15,985.5076 liters, enough for 51.68 minutes, the external drop tanks carry 21,126.8024 liters for 68.31 additional minutes which brings total endurance to 1.99 hours. The high performance rocket engines generate 24.123 tons of thrust for a 0.9167 G empty and 0.488 G rating loaded.
The eight 100kg capacity TAC missile launch rails can carry homing missiles with 25cm HE 31/5/5 warheads. They have 40km range and cost Cr. 435 each and a full load is included in the purchase price.
Vehicle: 12
Weapons: 24
Electronics: 2
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