Enlightened Supersonic Interceptor

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Enlightened Supersonic Interceptor
Tech Level TL–7
Mass 20 tons
Cost Cr4,499,888.9
Mode Flight (Jet Aircraft)
Type Air Superiority Craft
Speed maximum empty 2,430kph, cruise 1,822.5kph, minimum 280kph
Cargo 0
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament 3cm Autocannon
This is a high speed Enlightened atmospheric interceptor airplane.

This Valen (world) designed plane has a single pilot in a complex cockpit with powered controls, and an advanced ejection seat. It has seven 200kg capacity TAC missile launch rails and a stabilized gas operated, single barreled, hyper velocity 3cm autocannon with TL 7 direct fire control.

Vehicle Dimensions: 1,200 m3 ready for combat, 400 m3 packed for shipping.
Total mass: empty: 20 tons loaded: 25.899 tons.
Production Cost: Cr. 4,499,888.9
Movement: EMPTY: Maximum 2,430kph/2,025cm, cruise 1,822.5kph/1,518.75cm, minimum 280kph/234cm; LOADED: Maximum 1,992.5kph/1,660.4cm, cruise 1,494.375kph/1,245.3cm, minimum 280kph/234cm.
Movement effect on fire: less than 1/2 -2 EFP; more than 1/2 -2 FFP/No fire EFP.
Turns: 55 degrees
Agility: 29/24
Equipment: 100 power target acquisition RADAR, basic ECM, 5,000 power radio
Power: 1.372 megawatt high performance turbofan power plant consumes 5,488 liters of fuel per hour, internal fuel capacity is 6,477 liters, enough for 71 minutes, the external drop tanks carry 4,499 liters for 49 additional minutes which brings total endurance to 2 hours. The high performance turbofan engines generate 48 tons of thrust for a 2.4 G empty and 1.85 G rating loaded.
Weapons: There is a stabilized 3cm hypervelocity gas operated autocannon, in the nose. It is equipped with TL 7 direct fire control and has a ROF 40. There is storage for 800 KEAP rounds, enough for 20 fire phases. A full load of KEAP is included in the price. It can engage four targets and each gun has a +1 signature. Its direct fire characteristics are:
Effective Long Extreme
150(23)+3 250(21)+2 400(19)+1
The seven 200kg capacity TAC missile launch rails can carry homing missiles with 25cm HE 32/5/5 warheads. They have 97.8km range with a +10DM for high performance velocity. The missiles cost Cr. 535 each and a full load is included in the purchase price.

Vehicle: 12
Weapons: 23
Electronics: 17
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