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Technology level 7 is the eighth of the Technology level classifications. The defining characteristics of a society reaching TL–7 are the use of rockets and the computer. Rockets often lead to peaceful applications including space flight and fireworks, but also can lead to a variety of destructive weaponry and ranged explosives. Computers revolutionize most societies bringing about an information revolution as increasingly difficult intellectual processes can be streamlined and simplified through the processing capabilities of increasingly advanced electronics.

In terms of classification TL–7 is the Technological Period of Ur-Tech, the initial planetary bound cycle of development. It also occurs within the Technological Epoch know as the Processor Epoch.

Theoretical Technologies[edit]

Physical Science
Classification of Quantum Mechanics
Material Science / Manufacturing
Composite Materials - A variety of nonmetallic structural materials combined for best weight and toughness
Advanced Ceramics
Integrated circuits - Building digital computing devices
Lasers - As accurate measuring devices and scientific tools
Biological Science
Discover of DNA and Genome Mapping
Chemical fertilizers
Artificial Organs
Cultural Science

Quality of Life Technologies[edit]

Geothermal energy sources
Fuel cells
Radiothermal generators
High speed digital computers with linear processors
Expert systems software
Computing networks
Satellite communications
Laser communications
Medicine / Life sciences
Organ Transplants
Early orbital stations

Transportation Technologies[edit]

Land transportation
High speed trains
Hydrofoil surface craft
Supersonic Jet - both civilian and military capable
Hang gliders - Light weight composites allow creating man portable winged gliders
Orbital shuttles
Orbital stations
Maneuver Drive-1

Military Technologies[edit]

Technology level 7 is a transitory period of rapid development and experimentation, with computers of usable power turned toward analysis and development of weapons.

Warfare is a continuation of and refinement of TL–5 and TL–6 tactics using better and more effective weapons. Few cultures can handle the casualties that would be caused by a protracted period of warfare at this level.

Most advances in TL–7 are in the form of electronics and adoption of more advanced materials in weapon design, for incremental decreases in mass and minor increases in accuracy. Laser pointers and designators are sometimes seen during this period, and electronic vision and targeting aids are bulky but man portable.

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