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Jeff Zeitlin is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Jeff is a regular reader and sporadic participant on the Traveller Mailing List and the Traveller Technical Development Mailing List, and he created and coördinates the Traveller Culture Development Mailing List. He also maintains the Freelance Traveller web 'zine.

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  1. Freelance Traveller


  1. Arzul Sector
  2. Fornast Sector
  3. Gashikan Sector
  4. Hadji Sector
  5. Karleaya Sector
  6. Star's End Sector
  7. Storr Sector
  8. Trenchans Sector
  9. Waroatahe Sector

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Jeff was introduced to Traveller while he was at college, in Traveller's early days.

  • His interest in Traveller is mostly in development of background and support material rather than play or refereeing.
  • When he's not doing Traveller stuff, Jeff is a citywide network manager and troubleshooter for the New York City Police Department.

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation[edit]

This person occasionally participates at the wiki.

Freelance Traveller Permission[edit]

I thought I would pass along the website on Wiki that has grown by leaps and bounds in the hopes that you might be inspired to contribute some of the data from the various sources you have on hand.

I'm not sure I have any data or sources that aren't already widely known, unless you're interested in stuff that's strictly IMTU.

If you elect not to post items, do I have your permission to copy some of your original articles from your website?

You don't need my permission (as editor/compiler); you need the permission of the actual author of the specific article. I'm given to understand that Bill Cameron has given blanket permission for articles under his byline (and his earlier pseudonym of Larsen E. Whipsnade), and I generally do the same for articles under my sole byline.

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