Freelance Traveller 059

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Freelance Traveller 059
Author Jeff Zeitlin
Publisher Freelance Traveller
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 30
Year Published 2014
Canonical No
Available from Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller 059 is an issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine, a free online Traveller Fanzine.


Jeff Zeitlin
Ian Stead
Jeff Zeitlin

Table of Contents[edit]

Freelance Traveller 059
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Review Judge Dredd Judge Dredd 2-4
Amber Zone Aqua Pura Michael Brown 4-5
Fiction Playing With Matches Andrea Vallance 5-10
Variant rule A Code of Conduct for Psions Edward Anderson 10-11
Review Starting Points: World Building Megan Robertson 11-12
Amber Zone Mind Games: Four Psionic Seeds Timothy Collinson 13-15
Review TravellerCON/USA 2014 Jeff Zeitlin 15-19
Advice Integrating Space Stations Into Your Game Paul Hillers 19-23
Review Shadow of the Storm Jeff Zeitlin 23-24
Personality Tonna Blackthorne Sam Swindell 25
Weapon Norge "Duello" Dueling Pistol Scott Diamond 26
Ship Brawanee-class Corvette Ewan Quibell 27


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