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The term Generic Traveller is one used at the Traveller RPG Wiki to describe publications and products produced for Traveller, but not targeted for a specific Version of Traveller, rules set, or setting. The Ludography attempts to assign a specific Traveller rules version to each publication but, as with all categorization systems, there are some exceptions.

The Wiki editorial team applies Generic Traveller version to

  • Publications containing only general background information and no specific rules, which allow a Referee to insert this into any campaign.
  • Publications containing rules which expand or replace the existing Traveller rules. In many cases these can be used without Traveller, but these are targeted to Traveller Players and Referees.
  • Publications designed for non-Traveller game systems, but similar to the above, can expand or replace the existing Traveller rules and background.
  • Periodicals generally devoted to the broader gaming market, including other gaming systems, which have some non-canon Traveller content.
  • Publications released without the license or approval of the (at the time) Traveller publisher. These are usually published for "any science fiction game", but include directions for use with Traveller.

Published Products[edit]

175 publications for Generic Traveller

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