Freelance Traveller 060

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Freelance Traveller 060
Author Jeff Zeitlin
Publisher Freelance Traveller
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 32
Year Published 2014
Canonical No
Available from Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller 060 is an issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine, a free online Traveller Fanzine.


Jeff Zeitlin
based on an image released to the public domain by user DasWortgewand
Shawn Driscoll, Ian Stead

Table of Contents[edit]

Freelance Traveller 060
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Review 21 Starport Places Jeff Zeitlin 2
Personality Fuzzy Lawless Sam Swindell 3
Amber Zone Sweet SSUITE Sam Swindell 3-5
Fiction Playing With Matches Andrea Vallance 5-9
Variant Rule The Color of Jumpspace II: Jump Sickness Jeff Zeitlin 9-11
Adventure The Asklepios Recovery Michael Brown 11-16
World Jump Destination: Vincennes Christopher Griffen 16-21
Review Book 7: Merchant Prince Megan Robertson 21-23
Amber Zone Mercenary Ticket: Hammer and Anvil J.Edward Collins 23-25
Illustration Multimedia Gallery Ian Stead 25
Illustration Azun: Three views Shawn Driscoll 26
Robot NHR Agro 4200 and 5200 Robots Ewan Quibell 27


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