Freelance Traveller 054

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Freelance Traveller 054/055
Author Jeff Zeitlin
Publisher Freelance Traveller
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 60
Year Published 2014
Canonical No
Available from Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller 054/055 is a double issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine, a free online Traveller Fanzine.


Jeff Zeitlin
Shawn Driscoll

Table of Contents[edit]

Freelance Traveller 054
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Review Mindjammer: The Roleplaying Game Jeff Zeitlin 2-3
Variant Rule Building a Ship’s Financial Profile Jeff Zeitlin 3-6
Amber Zone Afterday Michael Brown 6-8
Advice Confessions of a Newbie Referee Timothy Collinson 9
Fiction Choices Andrea Vallance 10-12
Review Trader Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Kevin Nikolai Payne 12-13
Variant Rules Travelling Alone Dave Cooper 14-17
Vehicle Wood and Tree Grav Bikes Ewan Quibell 18
Equipment BioJewels Jeff Zeitlin 18-19
Review EPIC Adventure 4: Merchant Cruiser Ewan Quibell 19-20
Ship Heriot-, Hare-, and Heyerdahl-class Hyperdrive Merchants Benjamin Pew 21-23
Character Creation John Law: Character Generation for Classic Traveller/MegaTraveller Russel BornschlegelJeff Zeitlin 24-28
Adventure Angle of Incidence Michael Brown 29-35
Review Cirque Timothy Collinson 36-38
World Jump Destination: Breeforth’s Legacy Ken Pick 39-41
Library Data Iper’mar Nomads Alvin Plummer 41-45
Fiction The Lottery Roger Barr 45-51
Personality Aoungarr Brighteyes Angus McDonald 52-54
Location Valshanti’s Spice Experience Walt Smith 55


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