Freelance Traveller 045

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Freelance Traveller 045
Author Jeff Zeitlin
Publisher Freelance Traveller
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 30
Year Published 2013
Canonical No
Available from Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller 045 is an issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine, a free online Traveller Fanzine.


Jeff Zeitlin
Donovan Lambertus

Table of Contents[edit]

Freelance Traveller 045
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Review Buch 0: Eine Einführung Timothy Collinson 2-3
Character Creation Trivial Skills: Add Color to Your Game Michael Hughes 3-4
Amber Zone The Frozen Fire Michael Brown 5-6
Ship Lepus-class Rim Trader (Type A4R) Keith Tims 6
Deckplan Lepus-class Rim Trader (Type A4R) Keith Tims 7
Fiction For Luck Andrea Vallance 7-14
Advice The Game That Was Timothy Collinson 14-15
Review Career Book 1 Jeff Zeitlin 15-16
Adventure Clash of Cultures Garry Ward 16-19
Character Creation Psionic Guardians: An Expanded Classic Traveller Career James Ramsay 19-25
Ship Type S(b) Fast and S(k) Deep Scouts Scott Diamond 25
Review Shipbook: Mirador Kafka 26-27
Vehicle Watson-class Air/Raft Ewan Quibell 27


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