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Technology level 2 is the third of the Technology level classifications. The defining characteristics of a society having reached TL–2 is exploration, the ability to travel to almost every point on the world. The skills celestial navigation allows identification current location and the skills of building vehicles or having domesticated animals capable of long distance travel.

The second characteristic is the development of nations. The ability to organized a large, geographically distributed, population for longer than the lifetime of a single individual. This requires a written legal system, and ability to enforce these laws over a period of type.

In terms of classification TL–2 is the Technological Period of Ur-Tech, the initial planetary bound cycle of development. It also occurs within the Technological Epoch know as the Tool Making Epoch.

Theoretical Technologies[edit]

Physical Science
Systematic experimentation
Telescopes - Enhancing the naked eye astronomy with more detailed analysis of the sky, and objects on the world.
Navigation - The ability to determine location on the world.
Chemistry - Understanding of how chemical reactions take place and the ability to repeat them. This leads to development of new mixtures like Gunpowder, fertilizers, and distillation of medicines.
Material Science / Manufacturing
Hard steel - Chemistry and the understanding of metallugy
Cast Iron - The construction of large forges for melting and processing metals at an industrial scale.
Biological Science
Microorganisms - The other side of telescopes, microscopes allow leaning of microorganisms and the cellular structure of creatures.
Cultural Science
Cities - The availability of food and transportation of the same allows for the congregation of a high density of people and still have them being fed.
Literacy - The development of the printing press to produce reading material drives the need to learn to read the new material.

Quality of Life Technologies[edit]

Energy Storage - The ability to use springs and torsion devices to store energy for periods of time. Clockwork mechanisms to release the energy in a controlled manner.
Advanced Mathematics - Understanding of calculus.
Movable type printing press - Driving wide spread literacy and
Medicine / Life sciences
Internal anatomy - Knowledge of what each organ of the body does and how injury affects the over all creature. Applies to both the NIL and to native creatures.
Advanced agriculture - Use of crop rotation and fertilizers to generate ever increasing yields.

Transportation Technologies[edit]

Land transportation
Advanced wheels - Use of metal rims to improve durability of the wheels and ability to traverse terrain.
Ocean going ships - large sailing ships capable of handling most of the environmental threats of an ocean.
Kites - For ground based creatures the first attempts to understand aerodynamics and how to lift a person into the sky.

Military Technologies[edit]

Warfare has developed into an art or serious lifetime profession, with scholars and useful treatises on tactics and strategy. Combat usually involves poor to average trained men on foot and elites riding on some form of animal to provide greater mobility, height advantage or armor carrying capacity. Typically, the latter forces are restricted to wealthy or high-status individuals due to the expense of equipment and support staff. Until large gunpowder weapons become available, stone fortifications can withstand these forces until the besieged run out of food or water, fall afoul of disease from overcrowding or succumb to treachery from within. Naval combat involves large wooden sailing vessels carrying crude gunpowder artillery. Ships are fired upon until they are so full of holes that they sink, or until the enemy crew complement is reduced enough to make boarding practical. [1]

Weapons Technology
Gunpowder weapons - hand guns, rifles, and cannon cast of bronze or iron using low powered explosives to hurl shells made of stone, lead, or iron.

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