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Technology level 4 is the fifth of the Technology level classifications. The defining characteristics of a society having reached TL–4 is advanced industrialization and widespread use of electricity for power transmission. The social changes started with the previous technologies accelerates here, with further technological changes.

Median industrial culture. Standardization, mass production, heavy industry and other factors allow myriad competing equipment designs to flourish.

In terms of classification TL–4 is the Technological Period of Ur-Tech, the initial planetary bound cycle of development. It also occurs within the Technological Epoch know as the Division of Labor Epoch.

Theoretical Technologies[edit]

Physical Science
Existing known laws of physics are refined
Material Science / Manufacturing
Aluminum - a new material expanding the possibilities for structural materials
Interchangeable parts - Manufacturing tolerances fine enough for parts to be replaced on machines.
Armored vehicles
Biological Science
Known areas of biological science are further refined
Pasteurization, Sterilization, and canning - knowledge of how to preserve food for indefinite periods.
Cultural Science
The ability to manage massive social upheaval without tearing a society apart.

Quality of Life Technologies[edit]

Electricity - wide scale generation and long distance distribution of power
Mechanical Calculators
Motion Pictures - combine photography with sound recording for information transmission
Telephone - The ability to connect a 1-1 communications over a network with thousands of connections.
Linotype Printing (mass printing, illustrated printing)
Medicine / Life sciences
Vaccination - First techniques to prevent diseases.
Antiseptics & Anesthetics - Makes Surgical techniques both safer and more available.
Skyscrapers - Build buildings 10s to a 100 stories tall.
Cities in Rugged/Desert Terrain
Crude Terraforming - Ability to transform small sections of worlds into arable land.

Transportation Technologies[edit]

Land transportation
Self-propelled vehicles - personal scale vehicles are widely available to travel over extensive road networks.
Ironclads - steam powered armored warships.
Crude submersibles
World wide navigation
Dirigibles - Hot air or other lifting gases with powered engines for directed transport
Early Gliders

Military Technologies[edit]

Warfare is conducted mostly in TL–3 terms, but with more efficient and accurate weapons. Most of the technological developments in firearms through TL–9 are conceived of and possibly experimented with during TL–4. Recoil and gas-operated repeating weapons, autofire, modern propellants, multiple barrel rapid-fire weapons, liquid cooling, mechanically fused payloads and mathematically calculated indirect fire are TL–4 developments. Other notable developments include self-powered naval torpedoes.[1]

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