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The concept of the Accelerating Tech Level is a recognition that different societies conduct research at different rates and technological progress widely differs across Charted Space.

  • It is an intellectual concept regarding technology.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Tech Levels above 21 are the Accelerating Tech Levels: each of them tends to be of shorter duration and each leads at an ever-accelerating pace to the next. The technologies addressed by TLs above 21 are frighteningly powerful and exceptionally susceptible to disaster. As a society progresses to each new Accelerating Tech Level, the focus shifts to a different technology.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Sophontologists have been studying the many different sophont species of Charted Space for thousands of years, from the earliest Vilani studies to most recent studies in the time of the Third Imperium. It has become very evident over these many studies that these different societies progress through knowledge at different rates. Some societies progress at incredibly quick rates while others are far more cautious and may take thousands of years to achieve a technological feat that took a faster society only a century.

As Information Technology grows in sophistication, it becomes easier to discover new knowledge, disseminate it throughout a society, and build new discoveries upon those that have previously been mastered. Accelerating Tech Levels increase particularly more quickly for Ultra Societies (TL:19-27), who are conjectured to excel with a number of particularly effective communication technologies.

The classic text book examples for such comparative studies are the Kisthdra and the Kursae.

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