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Base Information
Status Minor Race
Locomotion Walker
Body Form
Confluence Non-humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Alien
Social Structure
Technological Epoch
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location Unknown World
Starport Error in Starport Decode
Size Error in Size Decode
Atmosphere Error in Atmosphere Decode
Hydrographics Error in Hydrographics Decode
Population Error in Population Decode
Government Error in Government Decode
Law Error in Law Decode
Tech Level Error in Tech Decode
Primary Star
Off-world presence No
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference Starships 228. - [T]
Canon Yes
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The Kisthdra are a Minor Non-Human Race with a non-humanoid appearance and technologically sophisticated sophonts.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Kisthdra were a technologically advanced society, who existed during the Vilani Imperium, and regressed. When they encountered the Vilani, the Kisthdra suffered a "Favored Society Effect Inverse" and their culture became insular and withdrawn.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Kisthdra first ventured beyond their system in NAFAL ships on expeditions expected to take hundreds of years. Instead, their crews returned home aboard Vilani starliners less than a decade after they left. The realization that the stars had already been conquered, and that they belonged to someone else, crushed the collective spirit of Kisthdra society: ...they rarely venture beyond their world even now.

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