Type 52 class ACV SPM

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Type 52 class ACV SPM
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 2 dton
Cost 841,306.49
Mode Flight (ACV)
Type Artillery Vehicle
Speed 98.3556kph
Cargo None
Crew 4
Passengers 0
Armament VRF Gauss and 8cm Mortar
Manufacturer Various
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The Type 52 class ACV SPM is a vehicle that is a air cushion vehicle, also known as a ground effect vehicle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Serving with the mighty Gisadia Ziru Sirka, this design is a small (~2dton) open topped scout hovercraft. The armor was proof against most man portable weapons of the time and smaller artillery rounds. Heavy weapons were required to stop them. They are self propelled mortar carriers with a very small fusion power plant. That power to weight ratio made them slower than the older APCs they scouted for. They were deployed in sections of three vehicles with 12 crew. At least six vehicles in a scout platoon with 24 crew were available to infantry battalions.

Image Repository[edit]

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General Description & Deck Plans[edit]


The vehicle has a crew of four (driver, VRF gunner/commander, mortar gunner and a dismounted FO scout/sniper armed with a laser rifle) and mounts a 8cm RAM mortar which can fire while mounted in the stationary vehicle, or the mortar can be deployed to operate independently. A stabilized pintel mounted VRF Gauss gun is mounted for the vehicle commander.
Vehicle Dimensions: height: 1.1m :width: 3.3 m length: 8.25 m.
Total usable volume: 21.861675 m3
Total mass loaded: 41.360221 metric tons
Production Cost: Cr. 841,306.49
Movement: Maximum 98.3556kph/81.963cm.
Movement effect on fire: None for the VRF Gauss but the mortar can not fire while moving.
Armor: Chassis front, and sides 37; Chassis belly and rear, 32.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, no high hits
Equipment: 100 bottles prismatic aerosol, 1,000km MASER, 5,000 power radio, 20 power target acquisition LADAR, basic ECM, map box, thermal image, and image enhancement.
Power: 2 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 3 liters of fuel/hour; fuel capacity 264.094 liters, enough for 88 hours. Power to weight: 48.3556.
Weapons: The 8cm RAM mortar is fitted with an auto-loader, it has tech B indirect fire control and a +2 signature. The weapon is equipped to fire within the vehicle or can be deployed on its "towed" carriage. The gunner and mortar are equipped for remote operations with maximum range 5000 power radio and 1,000km maser communication links. The mortar is also equipped with its own 20 power counter battery LADAR (which automatically finds MRLS and mortars and detects other CPR guns on a 2+ which grants a +10 DM to hit).
Its indirect fire accuracy is +2 up to 3.5km and -2 up to 7km, 5.25km and 10.5km range with RAP rounds with no loss in accuracy. The anti-tank precision guided munitions have laser guidance and several special rounds are fitted with rocket assist for increased range and variable ballistics to cut the number of rounds eliminated by point defense by half. It requires 4 turns to set up for indirect fire missions and must be in communication with a fire direction center. The rate of fire is 21 rounds. Rounds mass 7kg and 14kg for RAP. The number of rounds of each type carried and how many fire missions can be performed with that ammo type is listed below. Those are all included in the purchase price listed above.
Ammo available: Cost/round: Rounds carried/# of fire missions available
HE 18/2/3 Cr. 21 399(19)
PGM=HEAP 40 LG RAP Cr. 452.5 42(2)
Quake=CBM 24/10 VB RAP Cr. 124 42(2)
AP FASCAM RAP VB w/35xAP Mines 5cm danger space 3 pen, metallic, proximity triggers and radio and maser communication links
Cr. 281 42(2)
AT FASCAM RAP VB w/1xAT 8cm HEAP 40 metallic, proximity trigger and radio and maser communication links
Cr. 232 42(2)
Flare 78cm Cr. 42 21(1)
Chaff 78cm Cr. 42 21(1)
Chemical L NP 2cmx2cm 4 turns Cr. 42 42(2)
Smoke 2cmx2cm Cr. 21 21(1)
The stabilized VRF Gauss gun has the following direct fire characteristics:
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
150(21) +8 400(19) +5 550(17) +3
It may engage 16 targets, has +4 signature, and there is storage for 60,000 rounds, enough for 46 fire phases included in the price.
Vehicle: 6
Electronics: 36
Weapons: 2

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Used to scout and provide rapid indirect fire support where needed to cover advancing forces.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

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Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Vehicle - Artillery Vehicle:

    1. Type 52 class ACV SPM

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