Fringian Light Helicopter

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Light Helicopter
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 7.1 Tons
Cost Cr335,000
Mode Flight (Helicopter)
Type Passenger Vehicle
Speed 170 kph
Cargo (3.2m³)
Crew 1
Passengers 1
Armament none

The Light Helicopter is a type of Rotary Wing Aircraft.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Light Helicopter is a small rotary-wing aircraft designed for the civilian market.

Hull / Suspension[edit]

An open frame constructed from steel and lightweight materials, containing the partially exposed mechanical components.

  • Length: 9.6m, Width: 3.3m, Height: 3.0m.
Rotor Diameter: 11.3m.
  • Overall Volume: 95m³ (7.1 dTons).
  • Unloaded Weight: 1,050 kg.

The overall volume measures the vehicles maximum dimensions less the rotor blades. The enclosed volume of the frame hull is substantially lower. The rotor blades can be folded to lie along the line of the aircraft when it is being transported. The length includes the tail, which mounts a tail rotor that serves to counter the torque effect created by the rotation of the main rotor.

The undercarriage consists of a set of skids.

Power / Transmission[edit]

An efficient internal combustion power plant using hydrocarbon fuel. The fuel supply is contained within a small protected tank.

  • The vehicle is noisy.


  • Takeoff Run: 0m.
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1,600 kg.
  • Cruise Speed: 130 kph, Top Speed: 170 kph, Stall Speed: 0 kph.
  • Duration: 4.5 hours at Cruise Speed, 3 hours at Top Speed.
  • Maximum Altitude: 1000m (depending on the local atmosphere type).

Note: in the event of a power plant failure, the aircraft may be able to gain enough speed during its fall to cause autorotation in its rotors and thus gain lift.


The crew facilities consist of two seats located within a forward-mounted transparent bubble canopy. The seats are fitted with safety harnesses. The vehicle has basic environmental protection (the hull is weatherproof but is not sealed) and is fitted with interior lights. The pilot's position is fitted with basic mechanical controls. A console provides data such as velocity and altitude.

The vehicle has minimal internal storage. Up to 3.2m³ of cargo may be stowed externally within skid-mounted litters. Cargo may also be suspended below the aircraft on a sling.

  • Cargo Storage: none.
  • Maximum load: 550 kg (including passenger) before performance is impaired.


Running lights. A small (typically 100+ km range) radio communications system and a hand-aimed spotlight mounted on the canopy base.

History / Background[edit]

A basic rotary wing aircraft (a helicopter) available in a variety of body styles and colors. The density of the local atmosphere dramatically affects vehicle performance.

See also: Flying Craft of the Distant Fringe

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