Indeera class Armored Personnel Carrier

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Indeera class Armored Personnel Carrier
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Unpublished, non-canon vehicle design.
Tech Level TL–8
Mass 3.0 dton
Cost Cr497,127.87
Mode Flight (Hovercraft)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed 247.0 kph
Cargo 0
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner, and Commander
Passengers 8
Armament Single Lens Pulse Laser, 7mm Gatling, TAC missiles
Manufacturer Various
Also see TBD
Available for export

The Indeera class Armored Personnel Carrier is a Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Indeera ACV (TECH LEVEL 8): The Legions use 132 troopers and twelve of these GEVs in a large cavalry unit in their regiments on Vey (world). Various support, command and control elements are added as needed. The vehicle has a crew of 3 (driver, gunner, and commander) and can carry a single squad of 8 fully equipped troopers in very cramped seats. Four troopers could ride comfortably, but up to eight have been packed in, with very little room to move. It mounts a stabilized turret on the chassis deck, with a single lens pulse laser, a 7mm coaxial Gatling gun and twenty TAC missile rails which requires one crew to externally reload the 49kg missiles manually. They are derived from an older, lighter model that could float, as combat experience mounted, heavier armor was retro fitted and the greater mass precluded flotation. Designed to be fragment and bullet proof, light crew served anti-armor weapons are required to defeat its armor. They are considered an inexpensive vehicle and are popular with lower tech worlds along The Last Line. They require wide open spaces, plains, snowy tundra or desert to take full advantage of their speed and maneuverability. They can not cross water barriers unaided and are constrained by dense forest, broken terrain and steep slopes. They require an atmosphere to function and are hampered by their short endurance and operational range. The pulse laser was selected for its reasonably good armor penetration against vehicles of this technology level or lower. The laser does struggle against the more advanced and heavier Grav Tanks and relies on its missiles for anti-aircraft and anti-armor work.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Army and IISS Universal Vehicle Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the vehicle when applicable. Tonnage on the universal vehicle profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) where necessary.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage Total mass loaded: TBD metric tons.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: TBD
  • Total usable volume: TBD
2. Crew TBD
3. Performance Movement: TBD
4. Electronics Equipment: TBD
5. Hardpoints TBD
6. Armament Weapons: TBD
7. Defenses TBD
8. Craft None.
9. Fuel Fuel capacity TBD liters, enough for TBD hours (...almost TBD standard days).
10. Cost Production Cost: Cr. TBD
11. Construction Time TBD weeks.
12. Comments TBD

Vehicle Dimensions:[edit]

  • Height: 2m + 0.7 m turret. Width: 3 m. Length: 6 m.
  • Total usable volume: 35.047 m3
  • Total mass loaded: 43.631519 metric tons.
  • Production Cost: Cr. 497,127.87
  • Movement: Maximum 247kph/205cm. with weapons OFF; 201kph/168cm with weapons ON
    Movement effect on fire: if move more than 1/2 -4 EFP


  • Chassis front 31, Turret front 27, Turret sides 21, Chassis sides 20, Turret rear 19, Chassis rear, belly and deck 16.
  • Target Size DMs: +2 low and +0 high.


  • Sealed environment with over pressure vs. CBR/NBC threats
  • Thermal and Image Enhanced vision
  • 5,000 Power Radio
  • 5 Power Maser Communicator
  • Line Charge and Chemical Mine Sniffer to detect and cope with IEDs and mines.
  • Medical Kit and Vehicle Tool Kit
  • 40 Power Target Acquisition RADAR
  • Full weapons stabilization.


  • 9.9 megawatt MHD turbine power plant consumes 2,970 liters of fuel/ hour
  • Fuel capacity 7,768.416 liters, enough for 2.6 hours.
  • Power to weight ratio is 226/181 with weapons OFF/ON.


There is a 1.9834 MW input/output, single lens pulse laser with storage batteries mounted in the stabilized turret with TL–8 direct fire control on the chassis deck. It can engage 1 target and has +0 signature. It can function as a target designator in low power mode.
Direct Fire Characteristics: 1.9834 MW Single Lens Pulse Laser
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
2 km (36) 3 km (36) 4.5 km (28)

The dorsal turret also mounts a coaxial 7mm Gatling gun for anti-personnel work. It has the following direct fire characteristics:

Direct Fire Characteristics: 7mm Gatling Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
400 m (3)+8 750 m (2)+6 1,200 m (2)+3

There is storage for 25,600 rounds, enough to allow 20 fire phases of sustained fire. It can engage 16 targets in 15 seconds and has a +5 signature. A full load of ammo is included in the price.

  • There are twenty 49kg capacity TAC missile launch rails on the side of the turret. There is internal storage for two additional missiles.
    • Depending on the size of the guidance packages missiles carry different size warheads. A 20cm warhead, is available for the homing and IR follow-up missiles. An 18cm warhead is available for the target designated and operator guided missiles which utilize a radio command linkage. A 12cm warhead is used for the bigger teleguided missile guidance package. The missiles are available in long range and +10DM hyper velocity interceptor variants. Twenty hyper velocity HEAP 50 homers are included in the purchase price, no reloads are provided.
Type: Guidance Ranges Cost
HE 28/4/5 or HEAP 50 Homing  34km/24km +10DM Cr. 366 or 378
HEAP +8 IR Follow Up 34km/24km +10DM Cr. 1,078
HE 26/4/4 or HEAP 48 Target Designated 39km/29km +10DM Cr. 1,060.5 or 1,069.5
HE 26/4/4 or HEAP 48 Operator Guided +3 DM 39km/29km +10DM Cr. 210.5 or 219.5
HE 20/3/3 or HEAP 44 Teleguided 34km/24km +10DM Cr. 1,200 or 1,204


  • Vehicle: 6
  • Electronics: 15
  • Weapons: 65
  • Suspension: 0

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

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