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The Last Line is a chaotic, struggling state on the coreward edge of Halcyon Sector, a successor to the Corolian Jurisdicture.

WARNING: As of 5570AD–present The Last Line is considered to be a War Zone. The armed forces of the Unity of Sed have declared the territory of the state off-limits to all vessels. Any travel within the state is considered an extreme risk and is a violation of any existing ship insurance policies.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
The Last Line Pre-Imperial LasLin No standard code None
The Last Line 1st Survey (300) Ll 2-ltr code None
The Last Line 2nd Survey (1065) LaLi 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Last Line is a remnant of the Corolian Jurisdicture, an interstellar state taken over by Arvanites and transformed into the Unity of Sed. It is at war with that state.


The primary objective of The Last Line is its own survival. In the longer term it has set itself to the overthrow of the Unity of Sed.


No information yet available.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

The Last Line is at war with the Unity of Sed.

The Last Line enjoys generally cordial relations with the High Senate and is friendly towards the Esaran.

Government & Politics[edit]

Former military and leadership of the Corolian Jurisdicture.


The Seat of Government is the Monastery of Monilac, in the high polar mountains of Jesel.

Head of State:[edit]

Defender-General of the Last Line.

Governmental Structure[edit]

The Interim Authority.

There is an extensive bureaucracy divided into Offices, each of which administers various aspects of the state. Each Office is headed by a First Councillor selected from among the members of the Council of Worlds. Small but powerful Bureaus carry out duties such as counter-espionage, intelligence gathering, and dealing with criminal cases that cannot be resolved by a single world.

  • Houses
  • Government agencies.
  • Other government details.

Laws and Justice[edit]

No information yet available.


Judicial structure of the state.

  • What happens to criminals.


As this government emerged from the wreckage of what came before the law and code enforcement functions changed. The surviving military intelligence and police assets formed the foundation of the new law enforcement agencies. Civilian security forces were grafted into these structures, to bring the strength up to authorized levels.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

The state lets its citizens live their lives as they see fit, within reasonable limits. It depends on the domestic security of its member worlds to deal with most threats, but provides support when necessary in the form of various governmental Bureaus and, rarely, by direct military intervention. Within The Last Line free speech is an important right, and the media is a powerful force able to sway public opinion and political decisions.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Last Line is the youngest state within the Distant Fringe, located in the coreward/spinward quadrant of Halcyon Sector. It is a surviving fragment of the Corolian Jurisdicture, founded when that state was toppled by Arvanites who then formed the Unity of Sed. The populations of its member worlds have been swollen by refugees fleeing from the Unity.


  • 5570AD–Present.


Significant populations of the following Sophont species are found within The Last Line:

  • Native Non-Human Races:
    • Hoppers: 350,000 (0.03% of the population). Hives can be found within most large human population centers.
    • Esaran: 100,000 (0.01% of the population). Cantons dispersed through human areas.
    • Meroquan: 10,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Small communities can be found within large population centers.
    • Temelik: 8000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Widely dispersed through human areas.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly spoken within The Last Line:

Culture and Society[edit]

The Last Line is made up of systems that have no real desire to be part of a larger state, but recognize the need to stand together against a common foe.

Social Status[edit]

There is no formal social status within the Last Line. Social represents the level of wealth and influence from which the individual originates, and the peer groups with whom they regularly mix. Apparent social status is an aspect of the lifestyle that the individual adopts. Some families have a Fives heritage, being descended from the earliest families in the Distant Fringe, and as such are considered (or at least consider themselves to be) socially elite.

Social Status
Soc Equivalency
0 Prisoner, outcast
1–9 Citizen
A Senior local official, influential family
B Senior bureaucrat, planetary celebrity
C Member of the Council of Worlds
D Member of the High Council
E First Councillor
F Member of the Inner Circle
G Defender-General of the Last Line

Military and Intelligence[edit]

  • The Government of The Last Line directly controls the Class A starport at Jesel:
    • Status: war footing (government modifier x1.5).
    • Maximum Jump: Jump-2
    • Naval Capacity: 1,200,000 dTons
    • Mercantile Capacity: 6,000,000 dTons
    • Maximum Hull Size: 99,999 dTons

The armed forces of The Last Line are well-equipped and all members of the military are supplied with personal psi-shields. They retain their traditional name, the Armed Forces of the Corolian Jurisdicture.

Grand Fleet of the Jurisdicture[edit]

Jesel: TL–11, Port Capacity 90,000 dTons (the main port of The Last Line).

  • The fleet is divided into two squadrons. One squadron is assigned to each military base. Several vessels carry squadrons of the Valiant class Fighters. The total fleet consists of:
Jesel Squadron:[edit]

Murada Squadron: =[edit]

Thele Squadron[edit]

Combined Armed Forces of the Jurisdicture[edit]


Jesel is the site of a Military Base.

  • The Jesel Army Garrison consists of six divisions equipped at TL–11.
  • The Jesel Marine Expeditionary Force is comprised of twelve TL–11 battalions.

Murada also provides military support, with a 4,000 dTon boatyard adjacent to its own Military Base.

  • The Murada Army Garrison consists of 15 battalions, organized into three combat regiments, equipped at TL–10.
  • The Murada Fleet Marine Force consists of a single reinforced battalion equipped to protected forces standards.
TL–A Murada 2T Grav Tank
TL–B Jesel 1/2T Grav Cycle

Vey has a large population and a good industrial military complex. Its abundant Legions are used as security garrisons on the lower technology worlds of the The Last Line.

TL–8 Indeera class ACV MICV
TL–8 Gladius class Combat Walker
TL–8 Vandal class Tracked APC

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity can be primarily found in the following areas:
Uncharted Space:


The capital/s of this polity is/are located in the following location/s:

Physical Astrography[edit]

The following astrographic features are associated with The Last Line:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

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