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This is a world-system under construction and is currently being input-programmed into the Traveller RPG Wiki.

Qatan/Tsorva (Halcyon 0912)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere5 Thin
Hydrographics2 Dry World 20%
Population5 Moderate (400 thousand)
Government1 Company/Corporation
Law2 Low Law (no energy weapons)
Tech Level5 Industrial (mass production)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M0 V M0 VI
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 0

Qatan is a poor, nonindustrial world.

  • As a nonindustrial world, it requires extensive imports of outside technology to maintain a modern, star-faring society. The need to import most manufactured and high technology goods drives the price of these goods up in the open market.
  • This world has few prospects for economic development.
  • It is a member of The Last Line in the Tsorva Subsector of Halcyon Sector, which is part of the Distant Fringe.

Astrography and Planetology[edit]

This star system is detailed using the Fringian Variant System Description.

Binary Solar System[edit]

Qatan Binary Star System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M0 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.489 2800 - 3600 0.04
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00511 0.01659 0.16 - 0.26 0.511 5.11
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)


Secondary Main Sequence 0.154 2800 - 3600 0.011
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00238 0.0087 0.08 - 0.14 0.238 2.38
Orbit #  *  * 0 0 5
9.8 AU from primary

System Data[edit]

Muncible-Qatan System[edit]

The primary is Muncible, an ordinary red main sequence star. It has a luminosity of 0.04 Sols, a mass of 0.489 Sols, and a diameter of 764,000 km. (I) Qatan orbits in the habitable zone and is designated the mainworld. (II) a trace atmosphere hospitable world, (III) a vacuum iceworld, (IV) an exotic atmosphere bigworld, and (V) a vacuum iceworld form the outer system. Only the bigworld retains satellites.

Rand Subsystem[edit]

The companion is Rand, a dim red subdwarf star. It orbits Muncible at a distance of 9.8 AU (orbital position (VIII), 1.466 billion km) and has an orbital period of 43 years 248 years. It has a luminosity of 0.011 Sols, a mass of 0.154 Sols, and a diameter of 356,000 km. (I) a vacuum iceworld, (II) a vacuum iceworld, and (III) an exotic atmosphere radworld form the outer system. None of the worlds have satellites.

Mainworld Data[edit]

(I) Qatan[edit]

(I) Qatan is designated the mainworld and orbits Muncible at a mean distance of 0.21 AU (31.4 million km), within the habitable zone. It has an orbital period of 50 days 6 hours: it is tidally locked to the primary. The axial tilt is 5.5 degrees. Qatan has a diameter of 7,814 km, a density of 5.72 g/cm³, and a surface gravity of 0.63 G. The world is geologically active. Its atmosphere is rated as Thin, with a mean surface pressure of 0.54 bar and a composition of 80% nitrogen (N2), 18% oxygen (O2), 1% carbon dioxide (CO2), and 1% argon (Ar), water vapor (H2O), neon (Ne) and other trace gases. Approximately 18% of the surface is covered in seas and lakes of liquid water: average tidal ranges exceed 0.25m. Mean surface temperature: -19°C. The atmosphere is slow and weak weather systems, driven by the star, crawl across the globe. The climate is static.

Mainworld Geography and Topography[edit]

Total surface area: 192 million km², Land surface area: 118 million km², Water surface area: 35 million km². The high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide act as a greenhouse gas, increasing the average surface temperatures on the world. Much of the equator, where temperatures average around 0°C, is covered by the Beltwaters, linked shallow seas and wetlands with a high salinity. They are surrounded by icy rubble fields that give way to the Ragged Wastes to the north, and to the Long Desolation, a series of dormant volcanic peaks, in the south. The polar regions are arid and intensely cold. Some geologically active regions have far warmer climates, though the atmosphere in these areas is often tainted by relatively high levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases of volcanic origin.

  • The world experiences libration, which causes the star to move in the sky and periodically rise and fall above the horizon in the Twilight region.

Native Lifeforms[edit]

Qatan, the mainworld, has extensive native life, consisting of microscopic organisms, stromatolite-parallels and primitive flora that are tolerant of the low temperatures and can be found in almost every ecological niche. Their metabolic functions drive the process of atmospheric renewal.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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World starport[edit]

Qatan has a Class C Starport, an average quality installation which includes amenities including unrefined fuel for starships, some brokerage services for passengers and cargo, and a variety of ship provisions. There is a shipyard capable of doing maintenance and other kinds of repair. Ports of this classification generally have only a downport, unless this is a trade port or system with an hostile environment mainworld.

World technology level[edit]

Qatan possesses a Technology Level of TL–5.

World government[edit]

Qatan is governed by a Corporate Polity with a single corporation with a typical corporate structure as a government. A company town, or world. The typical corporate run world usually has a single purpose. Examples include mining, agriculture, or other kinds of resource extraction. But rather than a simple base of operations, there are facilities for housing workers and their families including hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure. How, or if, the children of the workers are incorporated into the workforce varies with companies. The corporation running the world may be a subsidiary of a larger interstellar corporation.

World military[edit]

No information yet available.

World economy[edit]

A company settlement, with colonial development outposts scattered into remote portions of the globe. Simplistic and minimalist the company has decided not to invest in any expensive facilities until the world yields up a steady stream of exploitable resources at market ready prices. Several promising leads are under gradual development. As yet exports still lag. Some suspect off world agents have other plans for this world other than a straight up commercial resource extraction endeavor. Company teams still drive huge ATVs around, exploring and surveying, testing and collecting samples. One might think that the survey portion of colonization would have completed long ago. And yet, no full scale extraction and mining has been deployed as yet for any lasting duration. Fits and starts, seem to be the pattern. Some stockholders have expressed curiosity, but overall corporate earnings have kept the attention elsewhere.

Trade data[edit]

No information yet available.

World demographics[edit]

Population: 423,000

World culture[edit]

Uniforms still predominate, with badges and tags marking employees. Departments and management groups are the functional units of corporate society and culture. Citizen employees have contracts. The job has benefits, and the needs of the workers are provided through company resources. Allotments and per diem take the place of money for most transactions. Salaries and wages have credits attached to them for monthly allocations of discretionary spending. That is what workers spend in bars and clubs cluttered in crude, utilitarian modular prefabricated shelters around the starport in rings of development. The planet is seldom looked upon as a home, more as an economic expedient, a temporary necessity. There are a very small fringe of unemployed, or independent contractors who are not company folk. Insular, and generally untrusting, the disenfranchised are too poor to escape. The company effectively ignores that these people exist. Survival makes for some very grim decisions.

Historical data[edit]

World timeline[edit]

No information yet available.

UWP listing[edit]

No information yet available.

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