Corolian Jurisdicture

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A defunct interstellar state of Halcyon Sector with its capital at the high population world of Corolis (1008 Halcyon, now Sedulan).

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Jurisdicture was the birthplace of the Arvanite Movement – it attempted to suppress that group but ultimately fell to them. Corolis itself was renamed Sedulan in 5571AD.

Ruling Authority[edit]

  • Prime Autharch
    • Sanctum
  • Proxy Council
  • Jurisdicture of Worlds
    • Central Legislature


  • Arbiters
  • Corolian Guard
  • The Fleet

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

5182AD–5570AD. The core of the state was founded in 5044AD by a series of economic treaties among worlds that had benefited from the work of the Outworld Development organisation. It became a full interstellar polity in 5182AD.

Scybrian Wars[edit]

The Jurisdicture was one of the victorious powers in the Scybrian Wars.

It fought most of the engagements of that great conflict:

The Jurisdicture was a signatory to the Rissa Accords (5489AD).

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