Vandal class Tracked APC

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Tracked APC
Tech Level TL–8
Mass 7 dton
Cost Cr733,419.9
Mode Ground (Tracked)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed 156kph
Cargo 1 m³, 1,000 kg
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner, and Commander
Passengers 8
Armament Four barreled, hyper velocity electric action 10 cm auto-cannon.
available for export

Vandal Tracked APC (TECH LEVEL 8)[edit]

The Legions use 156 troopers and fourteen of these APCs in reinforced infantry companies, in battalions on Vey (world). Various support, command and control elements are added as needed. The vehicle has a crew of 3 (driver, gunner, and commander) and can carry a single squad of 8 fully equipped troopers. Originally, a larger squad was envisioned but the fuel demands of the massive power plant restricted available space. It carries the same massive MHD turbine as the Indeera class ACV MICV. That contract became very lucrative for its manufacturer Lange-Bereichs. It mounts a stabilized turret on the chassis deck, with a quad barreled auto cannon equipped with both direct and indirect fire control. A primitive fire direction center is included, so that it can conduct independent fire missions on demand without the need for higher echelon resources. Artillery batteries do coordinate with the infantry for larger barrage fire orders, to direct large scale fire missions between multiple units. Additional weapon systems popular with legion forces were removed from the vehicle to conserve weight and lower ground pressure. The suspension does require careful attention and maintenance, but the vehicle still has excellent speed on roads, some would say dangerous for a vehicle this size. The high ground pressure does restrict the vehicle to 50% speed cross country. Some export recipients have ignored the manufacturers recommendations and loaded variants with grenade launchers, mini guns and TAC missile rails. Designed to be fragment and bullet proof, light crew served anti-armor weapons are required to defeat its armor. They are considered an inexpensive vehicle and are popular with lower tech worlds along The Last Line. They can not cross water barriers unaided and require an atmosphere to function and are hampered by their short endurance and operational range.

Vehicle Dimensions:[edit]

  • Height: 3m + 0.5 m turret. Width: 4 m. Length: 8 m.
  • Total usable volume: 98 m3
  • Total mass loaded: 114.5358 metric tons.
  • Production Cost: Cr. 733,419.9
  • Movement: Road 156 kph/130 cm. Cross Country 78 kph/65 cm.
    Movement effect on fire: if move more than 1/2 -4 EFP


  • Chassis front 34, Turret front 34, Turret and Chassis sides 26, Turret rear, Chassis rear, belly and deck 18.
  • Target Size DMs: +4 low and +0 high.


  • Sealed environment with over pressure vs. CBR/NBC threats
  • Thermal and Image Enhanced vision
  • 5,000 Power Radio
  • 5 Power Maser Communicator
  • 1 m³, 1,000 kg cargo space
  • Basic ECM
  • 10 Anti Laser Aerosols
  • 10 Power Target Acquisition RADAR
  • Full weapons stabilization.


  • 9.9 megawatt MHD turbine power plant consumes 2,970 liters of fuel/ hour
  • Fuel capacity 10,579.6 liters, enough for 3.5 hours.
  • Power to weight ratio is 86, and ground pressure is 7 tons/m2.


There is a four barreled, electric action, hyper velocity auto cannon in a fully stabilized turret on the chassis deck with tech level 8 direct and indirect fire control. A TL–5 fire direction center is also mounted in the vehicle, which can direct a single target fire mission. The weapon has a 40 round ROF/phase and has storage for 800 rounds, enough for twenty fire phases. The weapon requires 9.5 turns to set up for indirect fire missions. It can engage 4 targets and has +2 signature, in a direct fire role. A full load of HE and smoke are included in the purchase price.
Direct Fire Characteristics:
10cm Auto Cannon
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
150m (+3) 250m (+2) 400m (+1)
Direct Fire Characteristics:
10cm Auto Cannon
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
200m (+3) 300m (+2) 450m (+1)
Indirect Fire Characteristics:
10cm Auto Cannon
Range Accuracy
12km (18km RAP) (-1)
24km (36km RAP) (-5)

The weapon requires 9.5 turns to set up for indirect fire missions.


The Ammunition available includes:

Ammunition Types Available
Type Characteristics Price
HE (18/2/3) Cr150
HEAP (40) Cr225
KEAP (37/33/29) Cr300
KEAPER (35/31/27) Cr330
Flechette (2 +5 20cm) Cr750
Chaff (78cm) Cr300
Illum (78cm) Cr300
Smoke (2cm x 2cm) Cr150
Chemical (2cm x 2cm; burns 6 turns) Cr300
CBM (15/7 +1) Cr450
RAP (+30kg x1.5 range) Cr150
Laser Guidance Cr1,000
Variable ballistics Cr100

The rounds mass 30kg (60kg RAP). The weapon has a ROF 40, enough for 20 fire phases (10 using RAP).


  • Vehicle: 8
  • Electronics: 30
  • Weapons: 2
  • Suspension: 3
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