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Enclosed 2-man G-tube

Tech Level 12
Mass 200kg
Cost Cr45,000
Mode flight
Speed 300kph
Cargo 150 l
Crew 1
Passengers 1
Armament none

The Scout G-Tube is essentially an enclosed air-conditioned Grav Belt for two people. The G-Tube includes a heads-up status display of the operator. It has two seating posts (side by side), a 100 liter locker, a control panel, a heater/air-conditioner, landing and navigation lights, and a contential range communicator. Each passenger also has enough room to carry 25 liters of equipment.

A fuel capacity of 24 liters provides the power for 120 hours of 800kg thrust.

The ride in the G-Tube is very smooth. Although riders are not sitting, but rather leaning against one of the seat posts with their feet slipped under floor straps, inertial comensators guarantee comfort.

A special sealed environment model provides 24 hours air supply for 2 people.

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